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How To Use A Burger Press Easily?



How To Use A Burger Press Easily
It does not matter if you want to grill a burger, bake a burger, fry a burger, or what method of cooking you have in mind for your burger; if your party is not uniform in size and thickness, and then you are not going to make the best burger possible.

A burger press is great to use with ground meats and you can also use these items to shape and form your favorite veggie patty. The world of burger creation is made simple with these culinary tools.

These culinary tools come in versions that are plastic and some are cast iron. Both versions are used in primarily the same way Some of the devices have a top portion that presses down onto the ingredi8ents and other versions have two pieces you press together. Both versions make uniform patties for the purpose of cooking.

burger press
Step 1

The first step is for you to mix your seasonings into your patty ingredients. Everyone has their own favorite flavors they like to experience when they bite into a tantalizing bun stuffed hot sandwich, so use the seasonings you like. Try new flavor combinations or do a Google search for the perfect burger ingredients. You can even cook these flavorful entrees once a week and try to do fifty-two different ones in a year.

Step 2
The second step requires you to divide the ingredients you have into equal servings. I like to take the side of my hand and just mash a line into the bowl of ingredients so I have the right number of patties for the number of guests I am feeding.
Take a divided section of ingredients out of the bowl and shape it into a ball shape. Then place this ball of ingredients onto the bottom portion of your burger press.

Tip: You might want to spray your bottom section with a nonstick cooking spray so the ingredients do not stick to the press and make a mess. You can also put a piece of parchment paper or even wax paper over the bottom section and then place the ingredients on top of that.

Step 3
The next step is for you to place the upper portion of the culinary tool over the bottom portion. You may also want to spray the upper section with a nonstick cooking spray so the ingredients do not stick when you apply pressure to them.

Apply a small amount of pressure to the upper portion of the device will confirm the ball of ingredients into a uniformly shaped disc. The disc of ingredients will be uniform in shape and thickness so it will easily cook up for you. You will not get a patty that is burned in one half and still undercooked on the other half.

If your patties are not uniform in size then you can simply scrape the ingredients into the palm of your hand and shape them back into a ball. Then you can start the process over and try again.

Practice makes perfect and experience is our best teacher Just keep practicing with the tool and you will soon be an expert. The culinary tool can be easily cleaned up and stored in a drawer for the next time you want to make amazing burgers.

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