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Hunk²: A Designer’s Brand Making Sexy Underwear For Confident Men



Hunk²: A Designer’s Brand Making Sexy Underwear For Confident Men
We will introduce our readers to the Hunk² concept, which is revolutionizing men’s fashion trends.

Hunk² is a new trendy brand in men’s fashion. Very trendy among gay men, and growing more and more its straight men audience, this brand is bringing something unique to men’s fashion.

For those who haven’t heard of the Hunk² brand, who are they?

Hunk² is a newcomer in men’s underwear, but a strong one. Hunk² is designed and managed by a group of men with various design backgrounds and with experience in men’s fashion – to be exact, men’s underwear.

Eric Lloyd, one of their designers, mentions that the brand was born as a way to bring in high fashion to men’s underwear: which means less branding and more style. Men’s underwear has become far too focused on the commercial aspect and innovation seems to have been left at interchanging colors and cuts. This is changing thanks to Hunk².

Men’s underwear brands seemed to come in two main categories (with not much in-between): plain, low-scale brands, and very commercial, higher scale brands.

The “plain” underwear manufacturers sell comfortable long boxers, mostly, but did not work too much on style. Conversely, the fashion brands made great looking products, but they were uncomfortable and the companies seemed more interested in just supporting their brand efforts than developing innovative underwear.

Hunk² is a brand finding the perfect balance between product superiority and comfort, made for the more modest men who prefer to avoid heavy logos in their garments.

Hunk² Bringing Up Confidence in Regular Men
Hunk² Bringing Up Confidence in Regular Men

The brand communicates its message simply: Striking Confidence.

Hunk² is a brand designing sexy underwear for men. And making regular men bring up their most sensual, most confident, sexiest side.

The brand holds the image of a man who projects confidence and power, no matter his looks or background. It is interesting how the brand manages to use men of different races, ages, and backgrounds in their social profiles promotion. They all look great because they are wearing stylish underwear. Either wearing men’s jockstraps, boxer briefs, men’s thongs, or sexy swimwear, they all project the best of themselves.

Hunk² Bringing Up Confidence in Regular Men
Hunk²’s efforts to help men project a positive image go beyond making underwear. Hunk² has already published on social networks photos of regular gay men wearing their boxer briefs. It is part of their collaborative efforts with Brazilian project Wapo. This is uncommon when other men’s underwear brands concentrate mostly on showing visually perfect men.

A brand like not many others out there, Hunk² is focused on products and people: bringing great quality undies, but communicating a positive message among men.

We will stand here and see them grow!

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


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