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Hunting Down Fresh House Music 2024? Listen To Flight Facilities



It’s no surprise that I’m always on the lookout for new tunes to share on this blog. And when it comes to House music 2024, “Days Of The Week” by Flight Facilities is an absolute must-listen.

Although House music was born in Chicago, these artists pay homage to the city of Los Angeles and its people’s lifestyle with a rhythmic, danceable sound in their latest single.

House Music 2024

They Understand What Is House Music

No lie, from the moment you hit play on this infectious jam, your head and your feet will be in sync, grooving incessantly. Clearly, Flight Facilities know what House music is all about.

What I mean is, “Days Of The Week” translates to hard-pumping beats and hi-hats that overflow everywhere. And figuratively speaking, it feels like an energy injection that lifts your spirits and makes you feel revitalized to the max.

The funniest part is that this track originated in the studio by pure chance, with no planning whatsoever. It started as a joke during a three-hour studio session, and now it’s available on all streaming platforms to delight your ears.

Who would have imagined it, right?…

Days Of The Week

A Pretty Fun Music Video

Well, life in Los Angeles seems to be synonymous with partying and having a blast. That’s exactly what this duo of Australian producers conveys in their recent music video, which they directed themselves alongside John Peterson.

In the clip, the days on the calendar are not wasted but used for non-stop dancing. If that’s how things roll in that city, I’d pack my bags and move there without thinking twice. LOL.

If you’re into Flight Facilities’ House music 2024, you might also dig their old Disco vibes in a song called “Need You, released back in 2018, and with the starring role of Arnold Schwarzenegger in its visuals.



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