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Hypnotic Techno You Need To Hear, “Lost.Freedom” By Ocean & Wavz



hypnotic techno
From tribal-styled percussions to spacey atmospherics, up-and-coming producers Ocean & Wavz complement their ideas to form hypnotic Techno. “Lost.Freedom” will capture your senses thanks to its dark-synth stylings. Perhaps, that air of mystery helps you clear your mind for around six and a half minutes of ecstasy.

Known for cutting-edge productions, the versatility makes it difficult to pigeonhole their sound into one single genre. Despite coming from different backgrounds, Larys Frogier and Jules Chua share the same vision when it comes to dropping new music based on personal experiences. Indeed, they’re heavy hitters in the making.

“Lost.Freedom” is the type of hypnotic Techno that builds up late-night tension just right. This all translates to an invigorating journey for the people who attend underground clubs. Definitely, it’s also made for you.

Over and above electronic melodies that put them into the limelight, Ocean & Wavz are active in other arts production-related activities. Since incorporating the company Wavz Pte Ltd, these talents are rapidly becoming a benchmark for their avant-garde works. Plus, they’re establishing a name for themselves in Asia and abroad while partnering with renowned institutions and contemporary art museums.

On a separate note, you can expect the duo’s next EP before the Christmas season. Titled “Snow & Rain,” this potential Progressive House single is soon to replace the old boring carols. Stay tuned.



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