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Loyal readers of Electro WOW, since two days ago, I have fallen in love with Techno music. I just realized it is as cool as House music, and from now on I will support the genre on my blog. It is not easy to find good uplifting Techno songs these days, because it’s sadly that most of them are influenced by the boring minimal sound. However, I will try to do my best by researching good tracks and remixes. Keep in mind, that there is always a rainbow after the storm. 

So, what is Techno music?
Techno is generally repetitive instrumental music produced for use in a continuous DJ set. The central rhythmic component is most often in common time (4/4), where time is marked with a bass drum on each quarter note pulse, a backbeat played by snare or clap on the second and fourth pulses of the bar, and an open hi-hat sounding every second eighth note.

                                                  Warning! This is a great example of Techno music↓

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


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