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Ibiza Vibes All Winter Long — Listen To “More Amor Por Favor” By Dylan Linde



Prepare to ride the wave of vibrant beats with newcomer, Dylan Linde as he injects some sizzling summer vibes into our current winter blues.

Picture this: a musical masterpiece that transports you to a sun-soaked morning in Ibiza, the air filled with the afterglow of a night spent dancing, that’s the magic of “More Amor Por Favor” by Dylan Linde. This Afro-House anthem is like a burst of summertime bliss, defying the winter chill and serving as a vivid reminder of those unforgettable moments beneath the stars, lost in the rhythm of music and good

Dylan Linde
Following up on the success of his previous release, “Time With You,” this latest track is already making waves on TikTok, captivating over a million viewers with Dylan’s videos and inspiring people to create their own content set to its catchy sound.

Straight outta Germany, Dylan Linde, a versatile artist, DJ, and producer with Mozambican roots, weaves his cultural influences into his music, resulting in a genre-defying blend that reflects his background. His musical journey kicked off alongside his best friend in school, exploring various genres before focusing on electronic music.

By fusing African tribal beats with contemporary electronic sounds, Dylan Linde has crafted a unique style that blends Afro and Melodic House. Watch out for him in 2024!



By Erick Ycaza

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