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If You’ve Been Cheated On, Watch Samantha LaPorta’s “Closure” Video



Sing your broken heart out to “Closure” by Samantha LaPorta. It’s easy to be in awe when deep lyrics describe how painful it is to be cheated on by the person you love the most. But here’s an interesting fact, the whole composition is based on true events, and, of course, the artist’s personal experiences come to light.

Therefore, “Closure” will resonate with your own emotions while she takes you on a heartfelt journey. If you need a song to close cycles and recover your stage of freedom, then you’re reading the right article. The message is clear, no one deserves to stay in a destructive relationship, and much less endure infidelity.

The black-and-white music video reflects simplicity in order to convey the pureness of her profound feelings. In a similar vein, Samantha manages to turn an amorous deception into a magnificent ballad like no other.

samantha laporta closure

Sonically speaking, it resembles the music of Olivia Rodrigo and Gracie Abrams a bit. All things considered, this is the second single from her upcoming 5-track EP that will be released during fall.

On another note, Dani Elliott, the backing singer for Sheryl Crow and Miley Cyrus played a part in the songwriting process of “Closure.” Furthermore, Samantha asked her ex to record the same words which marked the end of her romance, achieving a realistic approach to the drama.



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