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In Review: åMBe – ‘Enemy of the People’ EP



In Review: åMBe - 'Enemy of the People' EP
The haunting and futuristic music from the ‘Enemy of the People’ EP by åMBe, will surprise more than one! Born in a small village in Russia, and being keen on music since she was a child, allowed her to become a skillful artist. I would even call her the new promising icon of the Indie/Electronica scene.

The ‘Enemy of the People’ EP features a total of eight tracks, and it will be released officially in late September. She’s definitely a creative lady with out-of-the-box ideas… For the most part, the EP is made of avant-garde songs, and you will love her style if you’re also a fan of Bjork or Kate Bush. Here’s the world-exclusive track-by-track review:

1 – IDCNM (I Don’t Care No More)  Let’s all take an experimental musical journey with åMBe. You’ll be fascinated by the way she combines the quasi-operatic soprano female vocals with delicacy across the entire song. (Available now via SoundCloud)

2 – Under Waterskin Everything flows with åMBe’s sensual singing on this particular tune. Integrating a slow tempo creates also a very organic beauty, and makes you feel in a new dimension.

3 – Ache Here she performs her music in a loose way, and the song could be cataloged as radio-friendly. I’m loving the freshness of this Indie-Pop track.

4 – Peeler  In my opinion, this song has a dark touch. A provocative mix of drama and in general it will leave you feeling as if walls are closing in on you. Bringing curious experimentalism directly to our ears.

5 – Little Grain I like åMBe’s expressive voice along with the guitar chords. What a tune! The artist showcases a refreshingly innovative style full of erotism.

6 – Monster (mini.mono.opera) Once again, I love the vocal technique that makes her sound like a professional opera singer + the electronic melodic rhythms are a powerful advantage. At this point, she has proven to be extremely talented.

7 – Of Your Crimes A song that starts out with lovely violin notes. It could perfectly be a James Bond theme song. So far, this is another valuable and strong track off the ‘Enemy of the People’ EP that would be a great promotional single and this is of course my favorite one!

8 – I Don’t Care No More (acoustic) An alternative version, where we can appreciate clearer lyrics and her vocal range as well. Overall, a highly recommended EP from a talented artist. A voice we are lucky to have! This material showed me there’s more to music than four-to-the-floor dance music beats.



By Erick Ycaza

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