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In Review: Shane The Crane – STC



In Review: Shane The Crane - STC

Shane The Crane makes all kinds of music. He resides in Las Vegas, known for the most exciting nightlife in America. In case you don’t know, he’s one of those producers who keeps a mysterious identity completely hidden from fans. After all, what people do care about here is the quality of music, and of course, I can guarantee the self-titled album ‘STC’ won’t let you down. Shane The Crane’s rich sound material features 9 tracks and most of them are influenced by Tribal music. Here you’ll have a fusion of edgy Trap, Downtempo, and Electronica. This talented artist is definitely breaking the boundaries of EDM music. Get ready for a new music revolution!

Check out my track-by-track review of Shane The Crane’s ‘STC’:

1 – Waiting For Shane Here he knows how to call the attention of the listeners with an instrumental intro. Enjoy a downtempo melody composed of the sound of a ticking watch…

2 – Arabic Hippies The title track is funny. A slick mix of tribal and happy beats that will make you want to have a drink and shake that body. I love the upbeat rhythm and the howl/whoop sound effects too.

3 – Bubble Gum Pop Music The happy vibes continue on the third track. If you’re using headphones in order to experience to this album, you’ll greatly feel how the bubble gum explodes in your ears. A cool song that plays with the listeners’ imagination.

4 – Culture Club Also carries the Tribal sound that we all love, in particular, at the beginning of the track. Pretty nice African-esque drums across the entire song. As a result, we have a catchy jam.

5 – D220 Honestly, I do not know what’s the meaning behind the title of this short length tune. However, I appreciate the Minimal/Trap feel to it. Actually, this was the debut track of Shane The Crane on Beatdek Records. Simply brilliant!

6 – Depression Here the artist experiments with the Downtempo/Ambient genre. This could perfectly be part of a movie soundtrack. I am pleased to know he has produced something different with a cinematic tone.

7 – Goo Another chilled track, but this one has a cheerful sound. Nice chimes and electronic music beats that create the right ambient melody. I like the energy this tune spreads in my room.

8 – Her Orion The three-minute track features dark, tropical and mystical rhythms. Perfectly produced and original. A slow-paced production and pretty Tribal in my opinion…

9 – The Birth Of STC A beautiful instrumental melody for a good album finale. It was chosen wisely by the producer who has proven a versatile creation. The last track will take you on a musical journey of complete relaxation!




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