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Influences That Made: Celvin X



Influences That Made: Celvin X
After starting his music career in 1995, Celvin X burst on to the scene with incredible sounds and innovative music at the height of Electronic music’s initial growth. After a long period out of the spotlight, during which he was sorely missed, he is back. Ready to shock the industry once again, he is looking forward to new music, new shows and even more love from his fan base. We caught up with the producer to learn more about his inspirations in music and what the ingredients are to making such great melodies.

1. Laurent Garnier – Wake Up

With this track, I always associate it with my first encounter with Technoclubsounds. I remember us dancing to it in a little club in Lindau.

2. Depeche Mode – No Specific Title

Do I really have to say anything else about this? No! Cult!

3. Emanuel Top – Turkish Bazar

I was a huge fan of the label “Le Petit Prince” and of course of Emanuel Top in the 90s. Great artist, great DJ; just great.

4. Chris Liebing – C – Reconnected 04 EP

The alchemist of the Technobeats himself. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris many years ago. Back then, we were all sitting together at UCMG in Jonas’ office eating pizza. These are the little stories of life!

5. Slam – Pantera

Am I a fan because I buy many titles from Slam? Okay, I’m a fan I admit it! I hope the guys do a remix of one of my songs sometime.

6. New Order – Blue Monday

Blue Monday – it was certainly not a Monday, but the title remains unforgettable. A small club from Lake Constance, 30-40 guests and the DJ plays this title, all storming the dance floor – amazing.

7. B B E – Seven Days and One Week (Original Club Mix)

The drop/break in this title is probably one of the most memorable of the 90s. I still get goose bumps when I hear the title out loud.

8. Johannes Heil – A1

When I think of Frankfurt, I automatically think of Johannes Heil and Heiko Laux. For me he is, and remains, one of the best producers from Germany.

9. A.MORGAN – Transform

A title from my current set. I love to play it and enjoy the reaction of the guests. Cool beat that gets under your skin!



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