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“Instruction Super Poster” Is All You Need In A Bad Day — LISTEN



Instruction Super Poster
“Instruction Super Poster”
by Koko Cohen and Graswinckle is a great tune to get you back in a happy mood. Plus, it has the power to create a buzz within Electro-Pop circles.

Vocalist Esther Kirschenbaum joins forces with the Dutch producers as well as Das Fem.Fam Quartett whose orchestral elements like the cello, violin, ukulele, and percussion make the magic happen.

The first thing that comes to mind when listening to the album ‘The Untrue Adventures Of Colonel Moustachioed’ is ’80s retrofuturism. Moreover, most of these tracks embrace cinematic vibes with a unique experimental approach.

No doubt, “Instruction Super Poster” marks the difference on this material as it’s more inclined to a poppy territory. You can verify it down here.

To the surprise of many, Koko Cohen and Graswinckle have been designing electrifying sonic textures since 1996. Currently, their outstanding combination of bright synths and SFX remains timeless no matter what.

If you’re having a bad day, regular physical activity and the right melodies seem to be a good antidote. Needless to say, “Instruction Super Poster” must go on every playlist.

I think the song is about dance, exercise, girl power, family, frustration, horror, fun, friendship, surprises, but above all lies. I could be wrong though. Esther wrote the lyrics. Maybe she thinks something else completely different. Koko Cohen



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