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Instrumental Music For Stress Relief, Stream In Full “One Last Drink”



Instrumental Music For Stress Relief, Stream In Full "One Last Drink"
Certainly, there are many techniques for stress relief, however, listening to modern instrumental music is also a good alternative. With that in mind, multi-talented artist, sonvonic offers calming sounds on her new single “One Last Drink. Just play it for a few seconds and you’ll understand how powerful are her compositions for relaxation and stress management. Indeed, her latest 7-track album, ‘Spheres, features similar pieces with a refreshing combination between electronic synths and organic textures. Don’t miss this chance to get your dopamine flowing in a genuine way. Stream in full “One Last Drink” via Spotify.

You might also resonate with her top-quality compositions because she tries to portray emotions like angst, courage, and surprise through lively atmospheric melodies. Not for nothing, sonvonic has 15 years of experience in music. It’s worth mentioning she loves collaborating with musicians, bands, and producers from a wide range of genres as well as from different nationalities. Over time, she has learned to play a bunch of instruments, so, experimenting with diverse sonic parameters while breaking up the generic stuff is what keeps the flame of creativity still flaring.



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