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International Artist and Songwriter Releases New Single



May 5th is MizGin Official United States Release Date

MizGinMizGin is a Swedish music artist that is making her debut in USA with her first single “Get You Off” set to release May 5th. “Get You Off” displays her aggressive, sexy, and intoxicating voice. MizGin is turning heads and rocking stages, while boasting raw enthusiastic energy. Her sex appeal compliments her stage presence.

In 2008, Mizgin went out on a limb and auditioned for the popular Swedish TV show Körslaget, a competition in which seven celebrities return to their respective hometowns and each select 20 singers for their own choir. The seven teams then compete until just one is left standing. Hanna Hedlund was the celebrity singer leading Mizgin’s team. They worked hard, dedicating three months of their life to practicing and performing each round before ultimately winning the competition. It was a thrilling experience that only increased her desire to succeed.

A couple of words from MizGin. “The only thing that is endless in life is your imagination, so never be afraid to use it and believe in it. If you want something, go get it; no one is going to get it for you. You may get help along the way, but the only one that can truly take you where you want to go is you.” –Mizgin




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