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Internet’s Most Hated Man Ajit Pai Gets In Trouble After Dancing “Harlem Shake”



Internet's Most Hated Man Ajit Pai Gets In Trouble After Dancing "Harlem Shake"
the electronic music producer of “Harlem Shake” is ready to take legal actions against Internet’s most hated man, Ajit Pai. The Chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission is part of a video that left millions of people annoyed. The clip entitled as ‘7 Things You Can Still Do On The Internet After Net Neutrality’ is not funny at all. Furthermore, when he uses the Electro House hit “Harlem Shake” without authorization on his spot. On the positive side, earlier today Baauer tweeted: “I’m taking action. Whatever I can do to stop this loser”.

In this fragment of the video you can see Mr. Pai dancing to “Harlem Shake”. I’m really speechless not only about his immature behavior but also about his wrong decision. What do you think about the end of net neutrality? Feel free to express your comments below.

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