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An Interview With 7god Busara About The Video Game Music Of Cubey Chew



An Interview With 7god Busara About The Video Game Music Of Cubey Chew
Here’s a must-read interview with Game Designer 7god Busara about his latest project Cubey Chew. According to the creative professional, music is an essential part of video games. And I absolutely agree with him because a soundtrack has the role of enriching your gaming experience. Certainly, this is an important aspect little discussed but today you’ll learn more about it!

1 – Firstly, What made you want to start your own game company ‘7g Games’?

I grew up playing video games and fell in love with being able to follow a story, even more, when I am able to create my own; it was my outlet. I always wanted to make games I would enjoy playing and knew with my creative background and vision, I had something I could bring to the gaming experience. The companies that influenced creating “7g Games” were: Rockstar, EA Games, Nintendo, Naughty Dog, and Bioweb. Me being the game designer, I was fortunate enough to start this company with other creators that saw my vision. Damir as the programmer, Miyooomega and Wisely The God as the composers, they are people I can really trust. I am very grateful for them!

2 – How would you define your upcoming project Cubey Chew?

I would define it as an experience like no other but, at the same time familiar. Being creative is the soul of Cubey Chew and having a fun experience with the customization will make this like no other.

3 – What inspired you to develop it?

I wanted something anyone could play that is easy to pick up and allows the player to express themselves with our customized feature. I always loved the Chibi Style and wanted to make something that looks adorable and is fun for everyone.

4 – How important is the soundtrack in this video game?

How important is air? Music has always been something that drove me in games like a level that had a difficult boss; the music pushed me to keep going and defeat it. Sometimes you don’t pay attention to the music in the background until there is none. That showed me how powerful the musical score is!

5 – Did you hire a producer to create the music for Cubey Chew?

The musical scores were created by producers Wisely the God, and Miyooomega. They are a permanent part of the “7g Games” family!

6 – Is the Cubey Chew soundtrack based on 8-bit music or does it features more complex patterns?

The soundtrack is more complex. We want this to be a complete experience. Even better than that, the music is going to be updated and will feature artist collaborations. Some of the features will include:

D Love
Matthew Shultz
Passprot Rav

7 – Nowadays, video game soundtracks are commercially sold and even performed at concerts. Do you think the Cube Chew soundtrack will go that far?

Not only that but, one of our game features solely focuses on the musical component. You will have a choice of mini albums that will be available for sale in the game.

7god busara
8 – In your opinion, what’s the most memorable soundtrack in the history of video games?

To me I don’t have one but, these are some of the masterminds behind some of the biggest game soundtracks: Jun Chikuma, Akifumi Tada, Koji Kondo and Mahito Yokota. They are a big inspiration in the gaming world!

9 – What tactics did you use to provide a great gaming experience on Cubey Chew?

Some of our tactics include jumping and dodging. You will be able to grab and throw characters and items and you will be able to equip special power-ups. This should give the player some creativity while defeating the enemies. Also, you will be able to deliver and retrieve items to give to other characters in the game. We will have challenges and mini-games to switch it up making this game unpredictable. Brainstorming on tactics was a breeze and I could not have done this game without Damir as the programmer. He is the bones of this game!

10 – When will the game launch? Is it free to download?

We are looking into launching the game this year and yes it will be a free download. This is just the beginning! We will have more games coming soon!




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