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Interview | Questions & Answers With AKoVA



Interview | Questions & Answers With AKoVA
Australian artist, AKoVA knows how to touch the hearts of the people with his music. His unmistakable acoustic beats have entertained wide audiences, and we wanted to know more in detail about his vision and the brand new single “You Can Have Anything”, which is filled with positive vibes.

1 – Hey AKoVA, thanks for taking the time! For whom do you make music?

Hiya guys, thanks for taking the time out of your day to chat with me. Much appreciated. I make my music for anyone who wants to listen, to grow and who is ready for my messages.

2 – Where do you currently live? How this place inspires you to write songs?

I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Ironically this place does not inspire me at all. But I find its the perfect place to find who you are and to grow a thick skin. Something that I feel is necessary in this industry at the moment. My inspiration comes from those who inspire me upon my journey.

3 – What kind of guitar do you play in your recent music video for “You Can Have Anything”? 

It was a beautiful $8 op shop find. I think you guys call them thrift shops. I used it because I love it. But it was not the guitar I used to record the song.

4 – Have you ever tried to produce songs with an electric guitar?

Yes, I have been there done that. Through many years in the industry and playing in rock bands.

5 – Are you 100% convinced that people can have anything in life? What is exactly the message of your new single?

Yes, I absolutely do believe that people can have anything in life. But first, you must fully believe and have complete trust and faith in your destiny. How you do that is always focus on what you want not what you don’t want.

akova interview
6 – Why are you dubbed by the media as the “Rhythm King”?

I always wanted to be a drummer and I have been blessed with rhythm. Am not really a technical guitar player, I basically play my guitar as a drum. So I play cajon with one foot, clack and bells with the other, guitar, vocals and djembe.

7 – Your vocals sound husky and deep-toned. How do you take care of your singing voice?

My vocals actually change from song to song. I am conscious with what I eat and how I treat my body. I do this also because I want to play music for as long as I possibly can.

8 – What struggles have you faced as an indie artist?

The biggest struggle I find is getting the exposure that a label artist is blessed with. On the upside being an indie artist gives you the absolute freedom to be who you are. I try not focus on the negatives and just go about living the dream.

akova indie artist
9 – What would you change in the music industry today?

I’m not sure I would change anything. I believe music is where it is supposed to be right now. Everything goes through its highs and lows. And when you are on the bottom, where I believe music is right now. The only way is up.

10 – Can you reveal to us what new projects are you working on for this year?

I am touring the east coast of Australia at the moment with “You Can Have Anything”. As soon as I get home I am back in the studio recording a new album. But in between, I will be throwing out some new clips. So keep an eye on my YouTube channel. I am also hoping to get over to the states to check out your music scene.



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