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Interview | Questions & Answers With Alexa Friedman



Alexa Friedman
Despite her young age, Alexa Friedman has all the qualities for her leap to fame. In recent years, she has made a remarkable progress on every level. In this interview, she gives full details of her addictive poppy song “Meant To Be”. Beyond that, she lets us understand that the support from her family and vocal coach have been essential to her career.

1 – What were the major factors that lead you to become a singer?

I love trying new things. I have been singing my whole life, but never taken it to a serious career choice for myself. I have always looked up to people who could easily perform on stage without even a second thought. I started singing as a confidence booster, to get used to being on stage and to go into more of the entertainment industry. I then met Estani Frizzell, my vocal coach and songwriter. Because of her, my whole image changed. She helped me become who I am today and I wouldn’t be here without her.

2 – What words best describe your music?

Relatable, Confident, Meaningful, and Truthful.

3 – Do you share the same music taste with your family?

100%. We all love to sing and dance. When we heard the final cut of “Enraptured”, we were all dancing to it in the kitchen. We all like the same kinds of music, which I think is a very good thing.

4– Who were the artists that influenced your new single “Meant To Be”?

No other artist really influenced this song. The song is about what I went through and what I hope will come from it. I need to sometimes tell myself not to give up because there will be difficult times. You need to keep believing in your dreams. Now I can listen to that song and know that everything will be ok.

5 – What is this song about?

“Meant To Be” is about what I have gone through. People always telling me to give up, making fun of me for what I do, telling me I have no chance. It really started to get to me. I was going to quit a few years ago, but my parents told me that I have worked too hard to give up now. I continued singing and acting. Without my parents telling me to keep trying, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

6 – I definitely, like the stunning location of the music video for “Meant To Be”. How fun was the experience of being part of this clip?

I had a blast filming the video. The weather was perfect, not too hot (so the sand wasn’t burning my feet), not too cold (so I could run through the water). Everything that day was perfect and I couldn’t ask it to be any different. I love everyone who was involved: Spencer D Evans and Sprinity Productions. They are my LA family and I also wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

alexa friedman
7 – How long did it take you to record this song?

It only took 2 days to record. 5 hours each day. About 10 hours overall. Estani Frizzell was there with me the entire time. She was coaching me and helping me make the days go by smooth.

8 – What things do you like to do when you’re not making music?

I love to play with my dogs and play video games. I also love to baby sit my beautiful niece Becca. Spending time with my family is incredibly important to me.

9 – What is the best place you’ve performed live?

I would say at the Grove in Los Angeles, California. I did an acoustic version of my song “Meant To Be’ at the restaurant “Mixology101” for the talk show “InsideNoise” with Chrissy Carpenter and Demi Janell. It was a blast!

10 – What can we expect from you in the first quarter of 2018?

I will be recording a video for my next song called “Take Me Down”. It’s about my “bullies and haters”. This song shows how I overcame it all. I’m super excited to share it with you because it is my personal favorite of the 3. You also may or may not hear me rap in “Take Me Down”. Guess you guys will have to listen to find out. There are also have two more songs in the works. These are so different from the others. I love changing things up!

Thank you so much Electro Wow for this awesome interview! I loved answering these questions! Hope you had a fabulous holiday!



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