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Interview | Questions & Answers With Ali Jacko



ali jacko

I just had the great honour to interview the five-time world Kickboxing champion, Ali Jacko in his new artistic phase as a singer and songwriter. I have taken the liberty of asking many questions about this new course in his life. Discover his passion for music below.

1 – What made you want to venture into music after being very successful in kickboxing?

I knew all the time in my heart I was going to be a good fighter, in fact, I have never been the 2nd best in whatever I did in life. I make it up with hard work and determination. For music, to be honest, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would take up music as a career, however, at this point of my life, I feel music has come to me as a gift from above. I enjoy challenges and as it turns out that I have the talent for making great music. So far, it’s been an awesome ride and it just started.

2 – What topics inspire you to write songs?

Topic wise I will be writing and singing more love songs, happy and sad ones, touching and romantic ones, but I am truly inspired by the life and that’s my inspiration. I have had a whole lot of experiences in life and I have a lot to sing about.

3 – Do you see yourself pursuing music as a career or as a hobby?

I have sung and written more than 40 songs, this year alone I am releasing 11 songs in 11 months, starting from January there will be a song and a video every month until the end of November. I would say it’s more like a career. I am having a blast making music and I will continue to do that.

ali jacko interview
4 – Are you vocally trained or is it all natural talent?

I was waiting for this question and was wondering who was going to ask me this. I believe I always had the ability to sing; I just wasn’t interested when I was young in singing as I was more driven towards the action sports side. I did see a vocal coach and it was only he discovered that I had a voice quite unique and then I start pushing my writing skills. I also believe it’s a gift to me from above for me to become so determined to make and write songs and sing them.

5 – Recently you have released three music videos for interesting singles such as “Working Man”, “I Found Love” and “Only Thing I See”. How did you feel filming all those clips?

Well, the entire process has been great and I loved every moment of it. I have people around me and my team keeps on giving me ideas. I would like to be natural as possible as all my music is real and all of it is related to me, and my life. I don’t really have to put on an act. Also, all the concepts have been put together by me and my friend Sanjeev Ramesh. Who is the director of my videos. We are longtime friends and we work well together and so far it’s been great.

6 – Can you share with us a funny anecdote during the filming of these videos?

Well, there have been lots of funny moments. Recently, I went to shoot a video in Snowdonia, Wales. My director and my D.O.P were showing me and the model a scene how they wanted it in a romantic way, leaving me behind the camera and surely I had recorded it. When I went back to the hotel I then edited that part and added one of my romantic songs to the clip. Consequently, it was sent to the wives just to show them what their husbands get up to on a shoot. It turned out to be so funny and everyone was cracking up. We all had a great laugh…

7 – Is 2018 the year for Ali Jacko to release his debut album?

I believe it is, I am going out there with all guns blazing, at least I will establish myself as a contender in the music world even if I don’t win a Grammy or a Brit Award. ☺

8 – Do you believe the followers you have due to your Kickboxing career are also passionate about your music?

I strongly believe they will be passionate about my music it’s a matter of time. Like I said, some people are on the fence thinking I am doing this as a hobby. But its all good and this are looking good. If they have a tune in them they will be coming around.

ali jacko singer
9 – Besides, sports, and music, what are your hidden talents fans don’t know yet?

My one and only talent is that I believe in myself, my determination and hard work I put into what I do give make me that man. I believe we all have it, it’s all about to believe in yourself in a constructive way and put in the hard work. You can only win otherwise you will never know!

10 – Are you already working on new stuff?

Yes, I am, and I am always working on new stuff. I plan to add all my songs including some bounce track into my album and I expect to release it during January/February 2019.



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