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Interview | Questions & Answers With Alpine Universe



Interview | Questions & Answers With Alpine Universe
Incredibly, Andy Favre aka Alpine Universe had the brilliant idea to make an album inspired in the five continents. In brief, he incorporates different elements of electronic music. As a result, we got a heterogeneous material which guarantees true enjoyment. In this interview, the European artist reveals more details that are of great interest!

1 – When did you get involved in the electronic music scene?

I have been producing electronic music since I was 9 years old but I started doing it professionally in 2012 when I launched my project “Alpine Universe”.

2 – Tell us about the origin of your artistic name ‘Alpine Universe’.

The name Alpine comes from the land I was born in: the Alps mountain range between Italy and France. The “Universe” refers to the visual and cinematic world I create around the music. You can get a glimpse at my visual creations on Instagram, where I hope to convey the scale of my musical productions through images and short videos.

3 – Is Dubstep your favorite music genre? 

One of my first successful releases was a Dubstep track (Gaia) and I have been known for the genre ever since. But I actually don’t listen to Dubstep much. When I produce, I don’t approach songs in term of genres. I never start a project thinking “I’m going to make a [insert genre] song”. In fact, I start with a raw emotion or imagine a story, then write the music accordingly. There’s a certain energy, rawness and violence that I can only express with Dubstep. But if you listen to my Album, I cover a wide range of styles from Drum and Bass to Moombahton.

4 – How is your debut album influenced by the five continents’ music?

As a film composer, I’ve had the chance to explore music from many countries around the world and I am convinced that music is one of the most influential factors of any culture. It goes beyond borders and languages and unites people. I wanted to take this concept of “diversity within unity” and develop it into an album. I used rhythms, scales, instruments, samples and singing techniques from all 5 continents to create a broad sound palette, mainly looking at ancient and primal music. Then I wrote songs in a futuristic setup, where ancient knowledge meets advanced technology. This is what my album is trying to convey: an epic voyage through time and space.

5 – What is your dream destination to perform live? 

Let’s dream big: I’d like to perform in space. I’m serious. It will happen in our lifetime!

6 – Any particular track from this album was difficult to produce?

The track that gave me the most trouble was “The Hunter”. I wrote and recorded the song in less than a day, but mixing and mastering it was extremely tedious and was done over several weeks! It was very hard to keep the loudness of the huge 808 bass while retaining great dynamics in the drums. I also wanted a very clear stereo image to fit the story of the song. It is about the Valkyrie, a northern deity that decided who lived or died in battle. I wanted the listener to feel like they were being hunted, so her voice would come from all sides, then get closer and closer to finally end up in their heads at the moment of killing, aka: the Drop!

alpine universe music
7 – How long did it take you to produce all the twelve tracks?

It took about 2 years between other projects.

8 – Where do you see the direction of electronic music in general heading over the next few years?

I believe that we will see new ways to perform live electronic music, especially its combination with live visuals and real-time 3D rendering. As far as the trends, my guess is that the 90’s aesthetics will greatly influence the next few years in the scene. Some will go towards the warm and lo-fi vaporwave sounds. Others will probably gravitate towards a trance/psytrance revival with of course cutting-edge sound-design. I wouldn’t mind hearing some grungier big-beat à la Fatboyslim or Prodigy 🙂

These are my predictions, what do you think?

9 – Are you planning to go on tour next year? What cities will you visit?

I partnered with Skyline Artist Agency in Europe. Their roster include incredible artists such as DaCandy and Uppermost, with whom I hope to share the stage in 2018. My first concert will be in Bordeaux (France) in January 2018 and other dates will be announced thereafter.

10 – What are you looking forward to experience?

The recording of this album has opened my curiosity to a wide range of instruments and music cultures around the world. I am looking forward to dig deeper into the origins of today’s music and understand its history and DNA and hopefully take this journey to another level.



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