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Interview | Questions & Answers With ARON



Interview | Questions & Answers With ARON
With this interview, I would like to introduce you to ARON, a talented Music Producer/DJ from Denver, Colorado, whose productions are 100% original. He recently discovered how enjoyable is to make Ambient and Electronica music, and he wants to excel himself in this creative market. Besides that, ARON stands out for his music background and is very skillful in a wide variety of instruments. Sounds interesting, right?… Read the full interview below and stream his latest EP ‘Rosattis’, you’ll like his work!    

1 – Did you study classical music at college? How many instruments can you play?

I actually played the French horn my freshman year of college, and nearly every day for a few years before that. I took classical guitar lessons, music theory, and played the piano in jazz band one semester. But as I got older my interests changed, and now I mostly just play with MIDI controllers. The beauty of electronic production is that there are thousands of instruments at your fingertips, and you don’t have to spend years practicing to make something sound good.

2 – When did you become a DJ and a music producer?

I got into production shortly after moving to Denver in 2015. I was playing guitar in a band with a couple of really talented individuals but found that a lot of the time our work schedules didn’t align, and they lived far away. Despite how musically compatible we were, the logistics just didn’t work. I ended up going solo for awhile and wrote a bunch of songs by myself. When I first tried producing them it sounded horrible. So I started learning about production methods to improve my sound and realized how much more creative potential there was over playing a single instrument at a time. I was hooked. Being a DJ was the way forward. As a producer, I can work whenever I want and not have to depend on anyone, which is really convenient.

3 – What’s the concept behind your latest EP ‘Rosattis’?

For this EP I really wanted to make something totally original that doesn’t sound like anyone else. I designed all of the sounds on the album. The only time I used samples was for drum hits or elements like risers. Everything else; all the melodies and harmonies, rhythms, synths, guitars, pads, I composed all of that. This EP was mainly an experiment into different production techniques, and a learning experience for me to build on in future work. I wanted to put something real out there, something that shows other artists I can produce music and makes them want to collaborate with me. It seems to be working, I have a steady stream of people hitting me up now.

4 – What’s your favorite track on this EP? Why?

I really like the track “Real Time”, but “Rosattis” is a close second. “Real Time” was one of those tracks that came together all in one afternoon. One day I spontaneously picked up a guitar and had this idea for a cool riff, so I recorded it into a condenser microphone thinking it was going to be some kind of acoustic track. After adding a couple of synths and some rhythm it started turning into this really interesting electronic sound layered with organic elements. I built the track around that idea and it turned out much cooler than I expected. It ended up being sort of the inspiration for the other tracks in the EP.

5 – What tools, software, and instruments do you use in order to create music?

I compose the music in Ableton, then use a Traktor S4 to perform it live. I like Traktor because of the loop engine; it makes performing live very easy. I incorporate different artists into my set, so once the music is composed I can mix loops of our tracks while they improvise over it. For the production side of things, I utilize a lot of different third party software plugins for digital processing; 2C-Aether, FabFilter, and iZotope to name a few. I also use a bunch of digital synths, but my favorites are Spire and FM8. I have a Universal Audio Apollo Twin USB interface, and a couple of different monitors; an Avantone Mixcube and a pair of Yamaha HS5s for mastering.

6 – How big is the electronic music scene in Denver?

The music scene is exploding here. There are dozens of venues in Denver catering to every style you can think of, thousands of local artists, and there is no shortage of fans either. A number of people that have moved here over the last few years is insane. The big clubs are always packed every weekend. Most of the festivals that come through here sell out. I think a lot of artists are starting to realize that they need some kind of modern electronic component in their production these days. It’s really easy to be ignored unless you can bring something fresh to the table, and that’s where electronic music has so much potential because there is always the capacity to shape the sound into something totally new.

ARON interview
7 – Are you a big fan of making mashups? Where can we listen or download them?

When I was first learning how to DJ I made a lot of mashups. I once read an artist interview with Madeon where he revealed some of his production secrets, and he said that he got started by using Traktor to sample loops of different songs and then remix them with other elements. He is one of these electronic music artists that is really at the forefront of using the latest technology to produce and perform, so I attempted to follow his method. Every once in awhile in my DJ set I will hear two songs which just work really well together, and sometimes I’ll mash them up into loops and arrange them on Ableton. It’s a lot of fun to do, but these days my time is spent more on producing music with other artists.

You can stream my mashups on YouTube or on SoundCloud.

8 – Can you name us a few artists that sound similar to the type of music you produce?

Honestly, not really. None that sound like this EP.

9 – Are there any upcoming releases that you could speak on?

Right now I’m working on producing an album with some local artists, a multi-instrumentalist and a female vocalist here in Denver. Our live set will be really good. If you are a fan of deep house, jazz, progressive, or ambient stuff, you will definitely appreciate what we are coming up with. It might be the coolest thing I’ve produced so far.

Here is a preview of one of the tracks off the album:

10 – At the end of the day, what do you hope is the message of your music?

I’ve never really approached making music from the standpoint of wanting to send a message or make a statement. I just enjoy creating it. My hope is that when other people hear the stuff I make, that they feel some excitement, like that rush you get when you hear a really amazing song for the first time and hundred times later it still makes you feel something. I want it to be unforgettable. That’s the ultimate goal anyway.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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