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Interview | Questions & Answers With Austin Daily



Interview | Questions & Answers With Austin Daily
Discover Buffalo’s new talent Austin Daily. Chill music is one of his specialties and he is going in the right direction! The up-and-coming producer has just released a remix of “Mrs. Mr.” by Ben Phipps, which features a refreshing and smooth rhythm. In this exclusive interview, we didn’t just talk about this rework, but also about his young music career. You can find all his answers below.

1 – What made you want to be an electronic music producer?

Well, it really all started with me when I first heard of electronic music. Skrillex was on the rise. His “Cinema” remix was huge for me and all my friends. I listened to more music and found out who Martin Garrix was, and “Forbidden Voices” dropped I was like “Yeah I gotta start doing this.” That following Summer I saw Adventure Club live at Life In Color Buffalo and the live performance sealed the deal for me.

2 – Can you explain to us the story behind your DJ alias “Austin Daily”?

This is actually a pretty funny story. When I first began DJ’ing (about three years ago) all my friends we’re like “you need to make a DJ name!” So I sat down at my kitchen table and wrote down a bunch of cool names and landed on “Matrix” (Corny I know) I stuck with it for a while until I began to produce seriously. This past spring I went through some tough times and thought of just rebranding myself as my true own project. So I switched it this past summer to “Austin Daily.” Austin comes from the name my mom was originally going to name me, Daily just kind of flows with it so that’s how I came about that name.

3 – Are you a self-taught producer? What about DJing?

I began with DJ’ing (On accident). I spent my first paycheck on a pioneer DDJ-SR. I made the common mistake of thinking DJ’s made the music on stage with their DJ boards so I bought it thinking I was going to be able to make music. What a disappointment that was when I found out you need expensive software to do that! So I spent most of the remainder of summer practicing my DJ’ing and putting out 10-minute mini mixes (which were god awful) and uploading them to Soundcloud so my friends could hear them. After a while, I really got the hang of it and now I do it pretty well I think based on the reactions I get during club shows.

avstin daily
Producing was a very difficult thing for me when I first started about 2 years ago. I ran into all sorts of problems but long story short, my one friend Nate really showed me kind of the basics of Ableton. (Where everything was and what not) Everything else I kind of just found out by playing around with the software and googling the stuff I didn’t understand. I always would sit in my bedroom and work on songs that would never be finished. A lot of the time, earlier on I was just like, “This is too time-consuming and it’s not as fun as people make it sound.” But I just couldn’t stay away from it and this past year I decided to focus fully on it and I ended up leaving college and devoted my time to learning how to make music. Now I’m not only just producing but having a really fun time and being super creative with it.

4 – You have a new remix you just released, Ben Phipps featuring Lizzy Land’s “Mrs. Mr.”! How long did it take you to remix that?

Yes it’s out now, and in a remix competition so I’m hoping I do really good with that! It honestly took me like two days because I was originally going for a different sound. I really wanted to give it that goose-bump future bass feel so I just kind of went for it and a lot of people really like the new sound I have going on.

5 – Did you add or remove some elements?

I kept the vocals in for the majority of the song as well as some of the main elements like Ben’s chords and plucky strings (I really loved those it added to the atmosphere really well). I took out the bass and replaced it with my own custom sub bass. Of course the drop is all my own sounds. A lot of people don’t really know how much of a blessing back vocals are haha they really make the vocal sound more wide and beautiful.

6 – What makes Chill music so special in people’s lives and what got you into it?

I think that like a lot of the electric music genres, there is a ton of stress relief when it comes to chill music. However, what sets the chill music genre apart from the others is the softness but overall vibe you get when you listen to it. It’s perfect for really any occasion, hanging out with friends, vibing at festivals or just relaxing at home. I got into tropical house before the deeper chill music. Kygo’s early remixes like Ed Sheeran”s “I See Fire” and also his Syn Cole remix. I look up to Kygo a lot because he brings a lot of diversity to the chill scene. I really hope to bring my own version of that as my music grows.

Austin Daily
7 – When will you release your debut single? Will it be a vocal or an instrumental track?

I’m hoping to release something this fall, I’m not really sure yet but I have a lot of tracks saved on my drive! I’m just waiting to find the right singer to sing over some of them. Once I find one I know I’ll be able to narrow down the sound I want and release an EP. On the other hand, while I’m creating remixes I’m learning new tricks and finding new sounds so I’m waiting for the perfect time. But you guys will definitely be hearing a single or two within the next couple months!

8 – How would you describe Buffalo’s music scene?

Buffalo’s music scene is a lot, of hip-hop and country. If you’re ever looking for a girl in Buffalo during the summer, she’s probably at a country concert haha. I like both genres but nothing truly had my attention until I started listening to EDM. I do still go to as many shows as possible and listen to all genres because growing up in a family with music tastes in all different decades, you learn to respect music as an actual art and see the way it changes throughout the decades.

dj austin daily buffalo
9 – Are you planning to move in the future?

I love Buffalo, and I think being from a place outside of LA and New York sets you apart from the rest. Buffalo is like a very big family it’s a smaller city with a lot of love. I’ve heard a lot about LA and that “everyone is a DJ out there.” or a part of the industry. While that may be true, I think that my music would get drowned out by the people who are creating music for the wrong reasons, fame, and money. I just create music because it’s grown on me so deeply and it makes me happy. So I guess until the right time comes, I’ll be here!

10 – Finally, can you tell us about your dreams for the next 10 years, either in your personal life or in music?

Marrying Alexis Ren! There’s really no telling where life can take its course with me. My dream is to travel the world and spread love and happiness with my music. Hopefully, meet my idols and do some big collaborations. Surrounding myself with the right team that believes and understands me and my music, and a team I can really connect to. The music will always be there, I know that. I’ll always be diverse as the time changes and music does as well. Music is timeless, so I hope to get my music out there and connect with people around the world.



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