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Interview | Questions & Answers With Belle VEX



Belle VEX

In this interview you can learn more about Belle VEX‘s authentic Dance-Pop single “Something New”, but at the same time, you’ll discover his charisma in responding to my wide-ranging questions. In short, this talented artist from America speaks about his ideas and hopes for the future.

1 — It’s a pleasure to speak with you. Can you describe us the writing process of your new single “Something New”?

The pleasure is all mine. Thank you for having me. Let’s see. “Something New” was easy. I was already in a ‘mood’ and I had a clear desire at the time of writing. I can’t speak for other artists, but I find it difficult to create anything meaningful when I’m not bothered by something. Fortunately, I just finished a nightmare project so I was… Let’s say ‘inspired’.

2 — What can you tell me about the music video?

I love getting this question. A lot of other artists in my position would take credit for it, but I didn’t do it. Rob Fitzgerald was the creative mastermind behind the video. Being able to trust him to get the thing done, as he did, was liberating. I was a part of the initial idea at the start, but the song was also different then. I pulled a fast one and switched it up at the 11th hour. Rob adapted and produced a fine image. The cast and crew were great to work with.

3 — What can listeners expect from your forthcoming EP?

Nothing. I quit. Just kidding. This is actually a common misunderstanding. “Something New” is a standalone song and I haven’t released an EP since 2015/2016. There was single in between the two as well. However, it’s not like I don’t currently have a playlist of new songs that are just about finished. The next song is really… Cool.

4 — What subjects will the lyrics be touching on?

The new stuff is going to narrow in a bit. Up until now, I would generalize my writing and kind of express my desires in a way that maybe not everyone could get. These were more lifetime whereas now I’m focusing on moments. I’m talking about taking a closer look at my real life experiences and head spaces at certain places and times.

5 — Why is the title of this EP ‘Fifteen Minutes Of Fame’?

So, going back, ‘Fifteen’ is actually a few years old now, but it is definitely new to most people. I believe that’s still up on my SoundCloud page, but that music kind of exists in a different timeline. No more concepts moving forward. I consider anything before “Something New” to be glorified demos. I had not yet learned that just because you could release and sell, doesn’t mean you should. ‘Fifteen’ is dope, though and it’s a few things. For starters, it’s a concept EP. On the surface, it follows this no named actress who moves to Cali to pursue her dreams only to end up being scouted by the Devil, himself. It asks the question “What would you do for fame?” I tried to shine a little bit of light on how people get taken advantage of. Underneath it all, it’s my story told through Jung’s idea of the Anima. The main character is the personification of my wants and the antagonist is my ego. See, I went to Cali, got injured, then discarded. I took the metaphorical deal and I’d do it again because I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. That was then, though.

belle vex interview
6 — Would you consider releasing a remix package in the future?

Absolutely! I think a lot of the stuff I have is timeless and some of them didn’t really get the attention I think they deserve. They also don’t sound as “clean” due to my inexperience. I was told that if only 100 people have heard your song, no one’s heard your song. I’m sure that extends to 50k, 100k range when it comes to now.

7 — How many popular artists do you think have a similar sound to Belle VEX?

A few, but it’s not that they have a similar sound to me. It’s that I choose to have a similar sound to them. The challenge that comes with pioneering a new, original sound is that there’s no lane and you have to wait for everything to catch up. I’ve tried, but I’ve been able to connect with way more listeners once people were able to say “Hey, he sounds like Bruno Mars, Shawn Mendes, or Gerard Way”, or whoever they throw in. So, I pull back a bit. Right now, I’m more or less just proving that I can do what they do, in a way that only I can.

8 — Do you consider yourself a Dance music artist?

Not really. I’m just making music. The song could be a Dance-Pop song or it could be Pop Rock. I have things are completely out in left field doing cartwheels. What happens when I work on a track is I do an initial idea and then that idea gets focused to fit in a lane. I like Dance-Pop so the label doesn’t bother me one bit, but I don’t aim to make it. I aim to make cool music. It could be whatever.

9 — How true or untrue is the phrase: Music is a way to escape all your problems?

I don’t think that’s true at all and I practice escapism on a regular basis… I think music is a way to vent. It is and it has always been a way to express yourself and at times flex. The thing is that we can handle our problems best when we’re at a safe state of mind. Music can help us get there. It also reminds us that we’re not alone. There are so many other people out there that go through the same stuff. Sometimes, just knowing that is enough. Uncle Ben’s words, though. It comes with a responsibility which is why I don’t express giving up in my music. No matter what the problem is, you can work it out.

10 — Will you be performing your music anytime soon? If so, let us know dates, venues, etc.

I’m not really focused on live shows right now, but when I do I will definitely keep you in the loop. I like to think about “when you are” and I’m at the point where what I am focused on is a priority. When shows become the utmost demand, then I’ll take this whole thing on the road, but I want to be able to give you the spectacle I envision and not just some guy and a two-track. Right now, I think we can agree that I have to put out more music.



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