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Interview | Questions & Answers With Brandon Bonine



Interview | Questions & Answers With Brandon Bonine
In this interview, Brandon Bonine opens up on different topics and allows us to know his way of thinking in the most sincere way. The latest single “Only With You”, is probably his best piece of romantic music ever written. Discover more below.

1 – When did you start singing?

I started singing about 10 years ago.

2 – Was your father’s record collection your favorite part of your childhood?

Favorite is a strong word! But it was definitely up there. I would say it was less of a “favorite” and more of an extremely formative experience. When you’re 2 years old and listen to Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes, you have no idea what’s going on, but later in life you definitely start to see all these formative artists come to you.

3 – How true is the statement “Real music isn’t on the radio”?

In my very humble opinion, not true at all! I think real music is everywhere and it’s a generalization to call something fake or real. It all comes down to personal taste. In any given week, I can hate what’s on the radio, love what’s streaming, or have to go back to vintage Marley records to get something I like. Music is in the soul of the listener, of the creator, and of the writer. “Real” music is going to change for me depending on what day of the week it is.

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4 – What is your particular interest in songwriting?

Telling a story. I love films and books – particularly the ones with fascinating story arks. Like a good Coen brothers film, in my opinion they celebrate the normal and tell a beautifully interesting story along the way. I’m trying to do the same thing. I just prefer the music medium.

5 – Would you give an estimate for how many songs you may have written to the present day?

Definitely a couple of hundred. I have a shelf full of notebooks filled with songs.

6 – Have you ever written a song that can make some people cry?

Ha! People tell me that is my forte – but I have some happy ones too, my debut album was just in a melancholy scope.

7 – Who would you like to dedicate your new single “Only With You”?

Are you trying to get me in trouble?

8 – What do the lyrics of this song truly mean?

It’s a journey – falling in love with someone, being taken by their every move, wanting to be there at night as they are falling asleep. It’s the story of being “Only With You”.

9 – Why did you fly to Miami to film the music video?

We flew down to Miami to film the video to break away from what we had going on. My first two singles were more sentimental/somber. When I wrote the song it had a very carefree – summer vibe. It was the middle of January, so it was time to head south! Miami is a very energetic city with beautiful scenery between the Everglades, the Keys, and Miami Beach. We could get everything we wanted without having to go far.

10 – What can fans expect from your upcoming album ‘Warranted Worries’?

My life over the past four years, it is my journey of where I have come from and where I’m going. There were some tense times, a few sad moments, and some carefree times. Most importantly, I shared a lot of these experiences with other people. They knew what it was like to be there and how it felt. I think other people will relate and I can only imagine what other people have gone through and felt. I just hope I can act as a soundtrack, with a couple of surprises. Because what’s life without a few curveballs.



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