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Interview | Questions & Answers With Bronx Cheer



Bronx Cheer
The years of experience that Bronx Cheer have in the House music scene do not pass in vain. In fact, their senses of hearing know what works on the dance floor. In this fun interview, you can discover about their origins and all details of the most recent hit, “Unfold Me”. Happy reading!

1 — Do you remember what first got you into electronic music?

It was the Acid House in the late 80’s early 90’s, the parties we so intoxicating we just wanted to get more involved and be a part of it, the sounds were like nothing else around, we weren’t that into pop music at the time apart from the odd tune here and there. We both started promoting our own parties and even though we knew each other for years we didn’t start producing and DJing together until late 90’s. We both loved the fact we could make our own sounds (without being real musicians), we both had an ear for great sounds and putting them together. We both worked for a studio in Ripley which was bought out by Paul Weller (name drop haha) so we lost our jobs and decided to invest in our own equipment. We love it just as much today as we did back then and with the advancements of DAW’s and Plugin’s the world is your oyster!

2 – When exactly was Bronx Cheer formed?

We started out with various other artist names, working with other artists and solo productions so it was till around 2012 we really started to concentrate our efforts on Bronx Cheer

3 — What are the main elements of your signature sound?

Our signature sound would be based around a big groove as we just want to see people dance and have a good time, we really concentrate on the percussion elements which really drive the tracks and our material always has a funky feel, depending on where we want the track to sit in our sets we’ll either go a little tougher or we’ll lighten things up a little but you’ll always hear the big groove with the funky jackin’ vibe.

4 — Do you try to sound trendy in order to achieve public acceptance?

No, we don’t try and sound trendy although we do keep an eye on what’s happening out there, we’re not oblivious to trends but for us it’s more important to make what we feel is a true representation of us rather than trying to copy other styles, House Music is very subjective to whoever is listening to it as is every other style of music, some may say our sound is similar to whoever but we can honestly say we make what comes out of us and we hope works on the dance floor.

bronx cheer interview
5 — After more than 25 years DJing, what’s the best advancement in music technology you have experienced?

The big obvious one is the laptop integrations or USB selection and bpm auto find which obviously makes life very easy for any DJ but it doesn’t always make for a good DJ, you have all the tools under the sun and the latest tunes but it’s always been about what and how you put things together along with feeding from the crowd, the advancements are fantastic and there are some hardcore old school ways of thinking that you’re not a real DJ unless you’ve played on vinyl but that’s just nonsense, you can do so much more with manipulation and putting your own stamp on things with today’s technology we should be embracing it because you can really show what you’ve got when you’ve got many more options! Don’t get me wrong playing vinyl is still such great buzz it’s just a different way of expressing.

6 — I’m a big fan of your latest release, “Unfold Me”. How much did you enjoy making it? Tell us about its concept.

“Unfold Me” is a very versatile track which was the aim, we wanted to make something with our big groove but with a cool uplifting summer vibe, something you could get into in the club, in the garden, at the wine bar, etc. We actually started with some beats we had on the boil from a while back (we work on lots of projects at the same time because when you have an idea for something it’s good to be able to bounce from track to track) we also wrote the piano riff and that was about as far as we got initially. The when flicking tough a sample pack for another track looking for a quirky baseline idea and we came across something that we knew would sit perfectly in “Unfold Me” and so it did, with a little tweaking here and there we had the main body of track.

7 — Who is the singer that provided those great vocals? Do you have more collaborations in the work?

The vocal is from Black Octopus Alexandra vocal sessions, we sometimes use vocals from vocal packs and sometimes we work with singers it really depends on the track and what sort of feel we are after, with “Unfold Me” it just so happened that Alexandra vocals worked lovely and had the right vibe for the track. We are always looking for collaborations with vocalists, we’ve worked with some amazing talent in the past such as Gram’ma Funk, Terri B!, Roland Clark, Elliot Chapman, Fil Straughan and quite a few others… So if you’re a great vocalist give us a shout! ☺

8 — Who would you love to remix “Unfold Me”? Why?

Top of our list for a remixer at the moment would be Angelo Ferreri, we’ve been big fans of his for a while, but he seems to have stepped up a gear recently!

9 — To what extent do you feel this track stands out more than your previous singles?

All of our tracks stand up in their own right but we guess “Unfold Me” is probably one of the most popular crossover tracks and directs itself towards more radio play, it’s a little more sing along with those lovely piano chords.

10 — Lastly, are you planning live shows soon?

No plans for live shows unless you can count DJ appearances which are kind of live shows with a band ☺ so we have quite a summer of festivals coming up, just warmed up for Jess Glynne recently and really looking forward to Boardmasters again this year, one of our favourite festivals, Thanks to the support we’ve had from BBC Introducing being invited to play at a number of new gigs!



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