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Interview | Questions & Answers With C’Marie




I got the chance to catch up with Carly Marie Masten aka C’Marie to talk about her recent “Be Nice” video, anecdotes, early career, and, best of all, she’s releasing her debut album this year. According to the California-based singer, Rihanna is one of her role models and inspirations, and in my opinion, you can feel that not only in her music but also in everything she does!

1 — It’s so nice to have the chance to talk with you. How would you describe your sound for a new listener?

My current sound is Pop/RnB with a little island vibe. But my sound has such a wide variety of everything.

2 — What gives you inspiration when writing lyrics of your latest track “Be Nice”?

What gives me inspiration while writing “Be Nice” was personal experiences in relationships that I feel like every woman goes through!

3 — The music video looks fantastic! How many days did it take you to shoot this clip?

Thank you so much!! It actually only took us one whole day to film my “Be Nice” music video. It was an amazing day, being able to explore a new city and do what I love was such a great experience.

4 — Can you tell us a funny anecdote while filming it?

A funny anecdote that happened while filming “Be Nice” was we actually almost got kicked off of the Ferris wheel. They didn’t allow any filming on it due to reliability. Soooo then they continued to tell us we weren’t allowed to use the footage… oops lol.

5 — At what age did you discover your singing talent?

I still am developing my singing talents but I started working on it at the age of 11.

6 — What achievement has made you the proudest at this point in your career?

The achievement that has made me the proudest so far is being able to say I have been a solo artist for only a year and a half and have accomplished my first album produced by A1 Bentley and going on my first tour including performing at The Forum!

C’Marie Interview
7 — Is it true you will release a new album this year? If so, can you reveal the most important details?

Tentatively there will be an album dropping this year, I think the most important part of the album is just being able to share my craft with others. This is my first album so I’m just so excited to everyone’s reactions.

8 —Why Rihanna represents a huge influence on your music?

Rihanna represents such a huge influence on my music because I love her attitude and how she is such an entrepreneur. One day I would love to have my own makeup line. Be able to inspire and provide people in other ways besides my music.

CMarie artist
9 — In your opinion, what has been the hardest obstacle as a 
solo artist?

The hardest obstacle as a solo artist so far is finding my team and the people are true to what they say. Your team is everything and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them.

10 — Finally, what one message would you give to your fans?
One message I would give is never to give up on something you’re passionate about. Find people that support your dreams a go!



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