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Interview | Questions & Answers With Cyberluke



Interview | Questions & Answers With Cyberluke
Lukas Satin aka Cyberluke is a 30-year old tech entrepreneur and a music producer who has a significant love for dance music. His technological company Nanotrik, sell wearable devices for music, such as a WiFi finger or a full body motion capture gear, which sounds very innovative and interesting. However, above all this, with his music, he wants to bring a unique style influenced by Drum & Bass and Eurodance genres. Discover more about him below.

1 – Where did this love for music begin for you?

It has started in my childhood, I was listening to various music charts and sometime I could listen one casette for hours :-). During that time my favorite music was by 2 Unlimited, Pharao, 666, Culture Beat, Masterboy. Officially it was probably during the high school, when I bought my first DJ mixer and turntables.

2 – Why did you decide to start producing music under the alias Cyberluke?

I played Uplink hacker PC game a lot and this was my nickname, didn’t find anything better that would suit my personality. 😀

3 – What inspired you to create your latest single “Back Again”?

Mostly I was producing Drum & Bass with a lot of modulations (neurofunk, liquid funk). Last three years a lot of things happened. A girl broke up with me after six years and a lot of friends left the city, so our DJ crew and studio room also got a break. During the start of this year, I realized that I need music in my life and tell stories. A lot of friends tell me I have a talent, but I need also a lot of a motivation to trust myself and finish more projects. I hear a lot that you have to believe in yourself and keep doing what you love. The outcome is much better if you do it this way and are not forced to do something just to survive. My main moving energy is mostly anger. I’m trying to be very tolerant of things & people. But when it is too much over the line, everything will blow up and I’m trying to solve the situation by some quick action with the best effort algorithm, lol. That way I can make radical changes in my life, like alter the concept. It helps me keep in continuous motion moving towards my inner goals. One such thing happened at the start of the year. I got angry with my current life situation and bought a couple of gear including a limited edition Korg MS-20M on E-Bay. And I decided to do the most of the things myself, so I can do it my way relying purely on trust in myself and being critique in my own decisions. As perfectionist, I never had this problem. 😀

4 – We know you love Eurodance music so much. Do you think this style is still relevant in Europe despite the global domination of EDM?

Since last two years, there was a lot of big Eurodance events featuring the original artists. This year there are like three of them in different cities and that is just my small country in the middle of Europe. So I think people are not enjoying pure EDM produced by one guy on a laptop, but are looking for a more sophisticated content with more complex melodies and also some vocalists. I’m not saying it features some complex orchestration, but it definitely has more varying riffs and melodies than a current mainstream EDM in my opinion. What I would like to see is not producing Eurodance like it was before nor do I want to hear 90s vocalist with Benny Bennasi style of bass. I would like to hear is something fresh just being inspired by colorful & happy melodies from the 90s with some kick & bass that is new and progressive. Some kick & bass combination that just blows up the dancefloor. From festivals I have been at, the combination that I think works the most and is really fresh with a little bit of that underground culture in it is Psytrance. It is really a very spiritual dancefloor music that makes the use of every frequency on a festival sound system.

5 – How many artists are part of your newly created label A Better Sound? Can you give us some names?

The current number is 8 including myself. A part of our sound is, for example, Atlanta-based DJ Dohrok making EDM, but with the sounds of dubstep. It sounds faster and does not make me feel boring on a party like normal dubstep, lol. His debut release is scheduled during the first week in July. Also, my longtime friend VinylFanatic is supporting a lot, not only with his music. Recently we started to work with AJ Belik (Russia), Arkin160 (France), Duistere (Belgium), Nipox (France), Under The City (Italy). Especially people from Italy & France has often more melodic content and maybe stay true to their origins.

interview cyberluke
6 – Are you accepting demos from newcomer producers? What is your label’s goal?

Well, I was thinking about the goal. But the main goal is just to enjoy the process and get out with some really great music major labels are ignoring.

7 – Can you describe your role as the founder of the tech startup Nanotrik?

In a lot of big companies it is hard to start using a new technology. There is more managers than thinkers, which makes the communication not very beneficial. One day, I got angry again and started a sidejob as a freelancer. Currently my work is more technical like CTO, find & evaluate new technology, both software & hardware. Make some prototype, play with it, do some presentation, go to some event. I found lack of communication with people very frustrating when just writing code as a software developer. And my hobbies are quite extreme for an average office person ^_^

8 – What is your favorite gadget from Nanotrik? Why?

I like them all, because we never buy components we do not like. Interesting are these new cloth materials like conductive thread, conductive ink. But recently we started to go more into VR and applying these materials & some hardware for that. On maker events, we had the biggest success with a ring containing Wi-Fi plus a high-quality motion sensor we assembled on our own board. Children enjoyed it on both PC games and mobile VR. I’m also trying to hack it and find the best scenarios, where it could work with DAW for a producer or MIDI/OSC app for a DJ. I had some DJ gigs with it, but it was not ready yet and it is better for live show with live synthesis than just for two or three Traktor DJ effects that get boring quickly. Good for a buildup, where people can hear the frequency rise up you do just with your hand, but not like creating live dubstep bass. For that, me as a DJ would have to take that 6-core i7, 24GB of RAM I have in my studio, lol.

9 – Where can we stream your music? Are you planning to release an EP anytime soon?

Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Shazam. A lot of places for listening, really. Yes, I would like to release it on 13th August – my birthday. But that depends, I must be happy with my finished tracks. I’ve heard that no track is finished, just abandoned. So when I abandon like 4 tracks, we could call it EP :-). Recently I got a big opportunity to spend some time in the studio with famous Topspin (No Money duo). My Drum & Bass journey started with No Money and they still kill it with their neurofunk basslines, so I’m really happy when I can like talk face to face. It is a big honor for me even I’m not telling it. Anyway, I was forced to buy a Cubase Pro, which is not cheap, so I hope we will also make some tunes together in the near future (using Reaper DAW on current projects).

10 – How do you manage your time? Is it hard to be an artist and a CEO at the same time?

Yes, it is not easy. Sometimes I’m drained by negative people at work that I don’t have a mood to make some melodies. Sometimes I just take a vacation and close myself in the studio, that works pretty well. I try not to have a classic 8 working hours scheme, rather than work 4 hours, take 2 hours break, then work another 4 hours. It helps me maximize the actual focus & energy and not procrastinating.



Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


Exclusive Interview: catinca Opens Up On ‘Planet Maniac’ Album




catinca is an electronic musician and producer whose uniqueness makes her songs extra special. After experimenting with Electro-Pop/Darkwave sounds, her debut album ‘Planet Maniac’ came to light. For more information, please read this exclusive interview.

1 — What’s the main theme of your new album ‘Planet Maniac’?

To find a way to live on this maniac planet and to seek the truth in yourself and in everything.

2 — Why did you decide to call this album ‘Planet Maniac’? Were there other ideas?

For a long time it had another name, which I’m gonna use now for the second album. As the debut single is called “Maniac,” it just came naturally.

3 — Did you spend a lot of time writing all these songs? Tell us more about the creative process.

It’s totally different from song to song. Sometimes I just have a slight idea… write a few lines and then it lies there for a long time until it gets attention again. Most of the time the lyrics just flow out at once. That can happen in 10 minutes or several hours.

4 — What drum machines and synths were used on this project?

For the entire album, I just used software synths (Analog lab 4, Analog lab V and Surge) with the Arturia Keylab 61. I’m not nerdy enough, to spend a lot of money on analog synths. I also used the Ableton Push for the drums.

5 — Which of these new songs has the best lyrics? Why?

This is of course a matter of taste and maybe also a fact of what you are going through right now and what resonates the most. But the lyrics of “Stay” are going very deep for me and “Black Angel” because that is what happened to me the last 2 years.

6 — If you were able to change something in this material, would you do it?

The truth is… I’m never 100% happy but if you keep and keep changing stuff… in the end, it’s not better.

7 — Are you satisfied with the response so far?

Can you ever be satisfied? Even when you have millions of streams or whatever you come to the point where you’re not satisfied. I do it in the first place for myself. Secondly, I like the thought to left something creative on this planet when I leave, and third, I’m happy when there are a handful of people I can touch with my music.

8 — Is it important to you to be musically diverse? How would you describe your style?

Absolutely! I don’t want to be put in a certain genre. I don’t even wanna know what my style is because I wanna be as free as possible. Maybe there will be some kind of a red line through my work but be prepared that every album will be totally different.

9 — What do you love the most about the end results?

That I did this freakin’ album all by myself! But I have to give a shoutout to the collaboration I did with Yellow Majesty from Sweden on the song “Forever.” He is just a crazy good musician and did a fabulous job!

And also a big shoutout to Tino Tranquilo who did a super freakin’ good remix of my song “Stay.”

10 – As an artist, is there something different you would love to approach in the future?

Everything! 🚀



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Exclusive Interview: COY SWEDE & J.O.Y Collab On “Never Ever”



COY Swede Never Ever
This is the first time COY Swede ventures into RnB by joining forces with J.O.Y. In an instant, you will be blown away as the quality of his new single “Never Everfeels like charting song material. Read our exclusive interview with both artists!

1 — How did you end up working together?

COY Swede: Me and J.O.Y also did “Closer” through Soundbetter platform together. And RnB being one of J.O.Y’s genres I knew we could make another magic track together.

It’s very rare I work with the same singer again. But we speak the same language musically and we connected, even more, this time.

J.O.Y: Me and COY Swede first met up online on Soundbetter (the leading platform where singers and producers meet to finish each other work). He wrote me to be his singer for his track “Closer.” From there on we became friends and collab more frequently together!

2 — How would you define RnB music?

COY Swede:
It depends on how far you go back in time, 50, 70, or 90, and our time. Genre changes very fast in our time and gets a bit blurred or, some genres evolve into something new.

But for me, RnB is still pure Soul and Blues and also can be a flavour of Chill Pop and influences rhythms from Hip-Hop. That’s my personal thinking.

J.O.Y: RnB was my first love in music! I remember listening to greatness such as Joe, Brian Mcknight, and Craig David and was impressed by the runs, variation of tone, and vocal skills these guys have! This made me do a lot of cover songs of the RnB genre and me ending up having my singing style from them.

J.O.Y Never Ever
3 — Collaborative songs are trendy these days, do you see it as a marketing strategy or is it something else?

COY Swede: For me, it evolves me as a producer. Gives me more experience. I work only with the best singers that share my passion among the independent areas.

Over the years I also have learned how to know what I’m looking for around a genre and theme for the song. What vibe do I want to create.

Marketing strategies change all the time and we Indie artists work really hard with the tools we have.

The most important thing for me is to keep going and deliver the music to my listeners. Show interest in other artists, be helpful if I can, and also learn more about how to get my music out there.

J.O.Y: Doing collabs is one of the best ways to showcase your music and learn from it. You learn to see different kinds of colors of music. You are also forced to go out of your comfort zone which allows you to grow.

4 — What new things did you learn while recording “Never Ever”?

COY Swede: Well, it’s actually the first time I produce an RnB track 😊 I would be very happy if the listeners can connect to it. The bells in the intro are actually recorded by an instrument and then I added some effects using “Thermal from Output.”

Every track I make gives me something new. I’m very happy with the variated bridges in this track to be a little technical. And my challenge was, how to make a short song feel longer than it actually is. We also wanted this song to have a good hook and a chorus to sing along to.

J.O.Y made awesome work with his skills as a singer and writer.

J.O.Y: As a songwriter, you always get to learn a new perspective after each song. Especially here I evolved my songwriting by having the hook be a statement and the verses describing my story. I will definitely write more songs like this, where the hook is simple yet catchy and the verses a bit more complex.

5 — Who is the main songwriter of this new track? What inspired you to write the lyrics?

COY Swede: We worked from a theme I sent J.O.Y. And for the chorus, I recorded a sample of my voice. Then J.O.Y did his magic. Just a note, only the VOCAL is mixed together from 15 stems to give you a perspective. 😉

It’s also a love song for people that found new love and how to carry it forward. But as a songwriter/producer you are open to how a listener feels about it. You can, “Never Ever” know. 😊

J.O.Y: COY Swede presented me with the theme of the song, and explained it to me pretty well. From that on I felt inspired and tapped into some of my experiences to replicate this feeling.

6 — Who would you dedicate this song?

COY Swede:
Anyone! It’s about love, new love, or even some things you have clear out before you move on! That can sometimes be very hard!

The unique bells in the song maybe is a slight try to call on that upcoming Christmas vibe. Mariah Carey, are free to make a cover if she wants. 😉

J.O.Y: To all the listeners that go through a tough time right now. It’s that season again when tracks like these are needed.

7 — How would you imagine the music video?

COY Swede:
No plan at this moment. Maybe a lyrics video on my YouTube channel.

8 — Are you planning to drop remixes for this release?

COY Swede: No plans at this moment.

9 — How do you spend your free time when not making music?

COY Swede: Family first, I love to travel around the world, health, training, and love cooking if I have time. I also read everything that has something to do with space research and am also engaged in earth’s environment and climate.

J.O.Y: Coy Swede nailed it. Family first. Sometimes music can feel like a job where all you think of is music. It’s good to have breaks to enjoy with your loved ones. Also, it’s very good for your creativity and finding new inspiration to write music.

10 — Lastly, what are your future plans?

COY Swede: Next year maybe I will try to do some more DJ appearances. I did one this year 2022 in Stockholm. Maybe together with my music bro Alan Walker or, even Tiesto would be really cool!

It would be cool to finally meet them both in real life, and talk about music experiences and future experimental stuff. You “Never Ever,” know! 😊

One thing is for sure I will keep doing this, and create more music. I would also like to try to make a score for movies or TV in the future, would be cool, if one of my released songs were featured.

J.O.Y: Be more active as a songwriter and have a lot more placements with bigger companies or TV/Film. I want to watch a show and hear my music in the background – that’s something I can imagine would be super cool and surreal.


COY Swede


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Blind Mutation Discusses Experimental Music Video “Shadows”



Blind Mutation music

If you’re into hypnotizing Ambient Techno tracks, then Blind Mutation should be on your radar. Her latest experimental music video “Shadows” was awarded and this exclusive interview explains it all!

1 — If I’m not mistaken, electronic music is your passion. How does this interest has come about?

I actually think my dad’s taste in music really influenced me a lot. He used to put on a lot of quality electronic music for me when I was a child, from classic Depeche Mode to more underground experimental electronic How to Dress Well. So, my interest in electronic music started growing from a very young age. When I became a teenager, my mental health started to get worse, and I started to relate, and thereafter, listen to darker and gloomier electronic music like dark ambient, triphop, or hard warehouse techno. That’s basically how my music taste was formed, and why I love electronic music.

2 — When exactly did you become Blind Mutation?

In theory, I think I became Blind Mutation pretty much as soon as I started producing and composing music which was 2 years ago. I began writing tracks with an emphasis on cinematic melancholic sounds that translated my deep intense emotions, and I still continue to do it exploring more and more ways to express my feelings through music. But, officially, let’s say, I became Blind Mutation when I released my first DJ Mix called “WAVE/PHONK MIX” on SoundCloud almost a year ago.

3 — Musically speaking, who is your biggest influence or inspiration?

I love to answer that question 🙂 I would say that my influences/inspirations have been changing throughout the years. When I was 14-16 my favorite band was Coldplay. I loved their not-that-well-known tracks which were more on the electronic/ambient side, like my all-time favorite “Midnight”. As for now, I very rarely listen to Coldplay. Now I am more into experimental dark emotional stuff like Techno, Dark Ambient, IDM, and Trip-Hop. Some of my inspirations/influences at the moment are Aphex Twin, Arca, Trentemoller, Clams Casino, Hans Zimmer, I Hate Models, and Crystal Castles.

4 — Congratulations on winning Best Experimental Video at the Indie Online Film Festival. Did you ever expect this result?

I was hoping for it 🙂 But I don’t really like expecting something to happen, especially when it comes to receiving awards. Because if you think you would win the prize, and then you don’t, you would probably get upset. But if you don’t really think about it and just let it happen, you get more excited if you win, and don’t really care if you don’t get an award 🙂

5 — Tell us more about how your collaboration with All Around came about.

We met a little more than 4 years ago in college in LA. He was a directing major, and I was an acting major. We’ve been very good friends since that time, and we’ve done small projects together here and there in college and just for fun. Then, when I switched from acting to music and started releasing my DJ Mixes, he began doing all the visuals for them. So, when I was ready to release my debut track “Shadows”, I knew that All Around would be my director, cinematographer, and editor. We have a similar vision when it comes to art (music/video/films, etc.), and so it’s very comfortable and fun for us to work together.

6 — Would you interpret this clip as a short horror film or is it something else?

Shortly, I would say, yes, it could be interpreted as a short psychological horror film. To elaborate: it’s interesting that when we showed the music video to our close surroundings, a good amount of people said that “Shadows” looked more like a short horror film rather than a music video. “Shadows” indeed has a much slower pace than a usual music video. In terms of cinematography, it’s also shot more like a film rather than a music video. But I think I would still call “Shadows” an experimental music video rather than a short horror film, because, in my opinion, it still has a dynamic of a music video, and our initial idea was to create a music video not a short horror film.

experimental music video
7 — What tools, instruments, or software were part of the production process of “Shadows”?

Well, the track itself was produced, mixed and mastered in Ableton. As for “Shadows” music video production, My friend All Around who I collaborated with, has an amazing RED Komodo camera, the music video was shot on it. Also, my face, chest, neck and my arms had to be bandaged in the shot all the time. We needed special bandages, the ones that stick to the skin and to each other. We had 3-4 shooting days, and not all of the bandages could be reused. So, I had to buy lots of them. Was driving from one CVS to another buying the entire available supply of those specific bandages 🙂

We also had a chance to work with an amazing super professional makeup artist, Darya Kholodnykh, who did the make-up for the “demon’s” hand that appears in the music video. She managed to find a creative way to make the hand look realistic and creepy although we had a very small budget.

8 — What can we expect from Blind Mutation next? Are you keen on exploring science fiction themes?

I love science fiction, and I would like to explore themes connected to it in the future. But as for now, I think I’m more focused on expressing my inner feelings and emotions through my music, and treating producing/composing/creating DJ mixes more as a therapy for myself. I’d love to dive deeper into the psychological aspects of our lives and have an influence on people’s emotions and their unconscious through my music. That’s what my next release will hopefully do! It’s a dark ambient track called “I come with the rain”, and it’s coming out in the beginning of January! I’m also working on a new dark warehouse techno DJ mix which will also come out around the same time.

9 — What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t an artist?

I’ve always loved to think about this. I am very interested in psychology, so I would definitely study it in college, and then probably become a psychotherapist (do not mistake with psychologist or psychiatrist), I would do scientific research and come up with new more effective therapies.

I would also love to direct and shoot (be DOP and operate camera) my own film(s) in the future! It’s a big dream! Plus I got my first degree from a film college, so I am familiar with that stuff. By the way, I’m also super interested in graphic and game design! Would love to try doing that in the future too!

And just to top off the list with more geek stuff: if I had another life, I would become an astrophysicist to study and explore space.

10 — Lastly, do you have any specific goals for 2023?

The most important and clear goal is to get the artist visa in order to be able to stay and work in the U.S. Speaking of my artist goals, I would love to get my first DJ gig in 2023! I would also love to explore new music genres in my productions (like trip-hop or hard dark techno)! Finally, I have so many things I still have to explore and discover in terms of production, mixing sound design, etc. So, another very important goal is to just continue learning!



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