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Interview | Questions And Answers With Dario Black



Interview | Questions And Answers With Dario Black

I’m glad to have a second interview with Dario Black. A talented artist who is known for merging EDM and Pop music in most of his productions. In 2017, Dario is launching his new EP ‘Temporary Love’ and is also promoting his latest single Don’t Let Go (No Te Vayas)” which fulfilled my expectations and have my full support!

1 – What’s new for Dario Black in 2017?

2017 is gonna be a year full of music, currently working on my new EP ‘Temporary Love’ and concepts for upcoming music videos.

2 – What new things have you learned as an artist in recent years?

I have learned to be a risk taker, to express myself through music and really own who I am as an artist. I learned to become my own boss.

3 – Is your new song “Don’t Let Go (No Te Vayas)” inspired by real-life events?

When I started producing and writing this new single I wanted the intention behind it to be love. I wrote this song based how I would like to feel when I meet that special someone.

4 – How was writing this song different from writing your previous material?

The music was produced first, I worked with an engineer and I became my own producer then I wrote the lyrics after. Usually, I come up with the melody and lyrics first.

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5 – Are you looking to reach a Latino/Hispanic audience with this song?

The song has a universal theme so I feel it will connect with many people. There are some Spanish parts in “Don’t Let Go (No Te Vayas) , it is important to showcase my latin roots through music and connect with the latino audience as well.

6 – I saw the teaser video for ”Don’t Let Go (No Te Vayas)”, in which you appear completely shirtless. Is this the most daring thing you’ve done in your music career?

I self shot that video, It was actually very vulnerable for me because I never really expose myself that way before but I started experimenting with self-photography then the video came out of it. I wanted to show a different side of me.

7 – What other interesting songs will you include in your upcoming EP ‘Temporary Love’?

One of the songs I am excited for everyone to hear is “All I Wanna Do” and you will find out what’s about soon.

8 – Who do you listen to on these days?

Lately, I have been listening to George Michael, he’s music comes from a place of love and he continues to inspire me as well as the rest of the world.

9 – What advice would you give to young singers who are struggling right now?

I feel the struggle is part of the journey and you just gotta hang in there, keep going. There will be moments where it feels there is not light at the end of the tunnel but turn to music and you will find the light. Push yourself more and believe in yourself with no doubts.

10 – Where can we stream your music?

Spotify is the place to go and is free!

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