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Interview | Questions & Answers With Dymond Dogs



Interview | Questions & Answers With Dymond Dogs
I had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Dobias from the band Dymond Dogs. All its three members are 100% focused on this project that is not only about music, it’s also about art as an integral approach. I got to know them better through their experimental-esque single “Lighter Than Air”, which I like it so much due to the variety of sounds. Learn more about Dymond Dogs right here:

1 – Who came up with the name Dymond Dogs? What is the meaning behind it?

The name came up as a result of conversations that we’ve had about who we are and what we are trying to put out into the world. Each of us has come to the realization that with hard work and discipline we, like everyone else, are capable of making a truly beautiful contribution to the world. So, the name combines the beauty and strength that a diamond possesses with the determination and single-mindedness of a pack of dogs.

2 – When and how did the band form?

It formed as the natural outgrowth of a series of creative projects that we’d been working on. I’ve known and worked with Prashant for most of my life, as I’ve known him since grade school and we’ve toured the world together in other bands. Prashant had been seeking a way to collaborate with his wife Natasha, who is a world-class visual artist. When we had some free time on our hands we explored the potential that this combination of artists has to offer and was astounded by how quickly and powerfully things came together.

3 – Who are some of your musical influences and artists you admire?

Our influences span a wide range. Here are some of the key influences:

Talking Heads
Alice Coltrane
Fela Kuti
Quincy Jones
Peter Gabriel
Erykah Badu
Brian Eno
Marvin Ggaye
J Dilla
David Bowie
Pink Floyd
Curtis Mayfield
Michael Jackson
Frank Zappa
Miles Davis
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

4 – How would you describe the sound of your new single “Lighter Than Air”?

Our goal with this song was to make something with positive energy that would inspire people to dance and escape into another world, at least for a little while. To that end, we drew from a number of genres to meld them together into a new whole that is distinctly ours.

5 – Personally, I think this track provides an amazing trippy experience, and it features rich Electronica sounds as well. How much time did it take you to produce “Lighter Than Air”? Can you talk about the process of creating this tune?

Thank you! It took us about 3-4 days from recording to mixing to pull this together. We came up with the core idea for the song while improvising. After we sat down and listened back to what we had come up with, we found a couple of really strong ideas in the improv that we knew we could combine together to make something powerful. From there, things moved really quickly as we pulled the foundation together and improvised on top of that to fill it out.

6 – Do you currently make music as a hobby or is it your full-time job?

Music is our life. We are currently developing material for an upcoming meditation and relaxation app release (head to to sign up for more info!). We also have several side projects that we work on across genres, from Hip-Hop to Folk to Electronica and beyond.

7 – Have you ever disagreed with a decision inside the band? Who is the leader?

We’re a band of equals and a group of people who have known each other for a long time. As happens with any group of creatives there are moments where opinions may differ, but the base understanding of who each other is and the shared desire to make something beautiful motivates us to sort things out quickly.
Dymond Dogs band8 – Where can we see you performing live soon?

We’re currently working on what our stage show might look like. At this moment we don’t have solid plans on when to hit the road but stay tuned! More info should be coming in the next several months.

9 – What’s the best most memorable experience you have shared together? Why?

The most memorable experience, at least for me, was one of the first recording sessions that we did together as a group. We were working on demos for what may become future releases of ours. You had the combination of two people who have played together for decades, in myself and Prashant, leading the musical direction. Natasha added vocals that were so spiritual and honest it felt like she was channeling. There is real magic in what we’re doing, and moments like this inspire us to keep going.

10 – How can we follow you on the Internet?
You can check us out on our Facebook page at

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