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Interview | Questions & Answers With Edouard And Me



Interview | Questions & Answers With Edouard And Me
Edouard And Me
, the talented French producer shares some details about his debut EP, ‘Drakkar/Easy’. The artist confesses that his extensive education in a conservatory facilitates him to produce music in an agile way. If you are a fan of Tech House and electronic music, you might find his new tunes very interesting. Happy reading!

1 – How rewarding was the education you received from an early age at the conservatory?

It was tough for me to learn music when all my friends were playing sports and going out. But at the end, I have now a strong background in music composition, harmonies and melody writing. The fact is that I don’t have any barrier now. Neither technical nor theoretical. I can compose music and harmonies without the stress to compose note after note. It is now easier and a lot faster for me to have this education.

2 – Did you ever imagine a career as an electronic music producer?

Yes and No. I imagined myself in the music path but I also have another work as I am a civil engineer by day.

3 – How many aliases have you used for your different music projects?

Super Commodore in my early days, as I used to produce some distorted tracks in the vein of Justice. Employee Of The Year for my Pop side and now Edouard And Me. This last alias will be used to cross the frontier between several genres of music I like.

4 – What would you tell someone who has no idea about your music style?

Something that feeds your brain but also makes you dance.

Edouard And Me interview
5 – You have just released your first EP ‘Drakkar/Easy’ on the Dream Mode label. What inspired you to release this material?

I really wanted to fill my own DJ sets with some heavy track. It was a pretty selfish thing at the beginning but then friends ask me again and again to release them, so… here we are!

6 – How different are the two tracks between them?

For me, is see “Drakkar” as a powerful track, really like a Drakkar, through the fog on a heavy sea back in Viking days, I don’t know why really. “Easy” is more a mind-oriented track.

7 – What tools did you use to make those great sound effects?

I made my own Plug-In for Reason (the DAW I use) that allows me to make any synth scream.

8 – How would you interpret the concept of the EP artwork?

It was the work of the label. I like how disturbing it is. You don’t know if you see violence or love…

Edouard And Me Unveils Club-Friendly Melodies With First EP
9 – What kind of people do you think will enjoy your underground vibes?

All the proper ravers 😉

10 – Do you have plans to create more music under the alias Edouard And Me? What can fans expect from you in the future?

Yes, Edouard And Me is here to stay! I already have some tracks that I want to release in the months to come. I’ve some piano to record on a few tracks and they will be finished. I will release I guess two more EPs this year.



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