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Interview | Questions & Answers With Elia



Interview | Questions & Answers With Elia
Pazzini has a natural talent for singing and songwriting. The Italian artist chats with us about the music video for his new Pop/Ballad “The Question”. And trust me, the storyline of this clip is pure perfection! Learn more below.

1 – What’s your favorite scene of “The Question” music video?

I think that in this music video there’s a steady increase of intensity and passion, so my answer is, the last twenty seconds of the video! From the 4:16 mark where me and Sara stare at each other with great intensity, with a sequence in the middle where I watch behind my back wondering, “Should I give up the fight or stay here?” And I also like the last sequence, with the sunset on a wild land, which gives a sense of infinity and somehow peace after the battle. With this clip every listener can decide which finale he prefers more, following his personal taste and way of living.

2 – How many actors were involved in this clip? What’s the concept behind it?

We were four guys and four girls as the main characters, moreover, there are many other people with marginal roles. This is the plot of the video: “In a post-apocalyptic land, Elia is shown as a captive of war, his hands chained behind his back and menacing guards at his side. His captors personify Elia’s inner struggle over love as they scream in his face while he sings, ‘Maybe a dreamer too weak to let you go.’ One of the female warriors is also Elia’s love interest, and throughout the video, he struggles whether to pursue her or give up the fight.” The final question of the song and of the music video is, “Am I a dreamer if I want to pursue an intense kind of love, where passion and intensity are at the forefront, even with the risk to feel real pain? Or am I a man who understands the real meaning of life and what really matters?”

3 – Where did the filming take place?

The filming of the music video took place in an abandoned disco in Milano, Marittima. The land around it looks totally wild, but surprisingly it’s only a few kilometers from the disco in a famous touristic city.

elia interview
4 – Do you think the lyrics of this song are deeply reflective? Why?

Yes, I think so. The concept of the song is something that makes me reflect a lot, and I think that most people struggle with the same “Question”. If they don’t, I hope that they will think about it after listening to this song.

5 – How much participation did you have in the writing process?

I wrote the song alone, no one else participated in this process. I also had an idea for the music video, but my director Paolo Galassi helped me a lot in the development of the plot and of its sequences.

elia pazzini singer
6 – Are there new ideas you would like to experiment with your upcoming singles?

I actually don’t know, I think that this song is pretty original in its sound, vocals, and melody, but I didn’t know it before I started the arrangement. My “originality” comes out during the production process; I don’t start with it, I discover it on the way.

7 – If you could describe your music in one or two words, what would you say?

I would say innovative and romantic; I try to push the “pop style” standards in a more elegant and sophisticated way. In this song for example, I feel great innovation with the combination of an extended melody, a deep interesting sound (combined electronic tools with the glow of acoustic instruments), and harmonious vocals.

8 – Do you follow or admire other contemporary singers?

I follow the great pop and pop/rock vocalists, but also pop and pop/rock bands with innovative and interesting sounds. I don’t have a favorite singer, though I like the great pop stars like Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, and Justin Timberlake. But I’m trying to study a lot in order to discover a new way of singing. I think it has been more than a decade since someone brought real innovation in the pop world.

9 – Where can we see you performing live soon?

This summer I will perform in Italy, but I still don’t know the specific places and dates. At the moment I’m pretty committed to the promotion of my “The Question” music video and in the writing process of new songs. I’m definitely the kind of songwriter who loves the creative process more than the live show.

10 – Finally, which song or album marked you for life?

This is a very difficult question. I actually don’t have a song or an album who changed my life; I usually listen to every project with a curious attitude in order to take inspiration for my work, and I take the best from every singer. But, if I really have to say a song, I’d say “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias. Maybe because I’m from Italy, the most romantic place all over the world, but I really get touched from the romanticism and the drama of this Latin ballad. Its melody is pretty simple, but somehow, mixed with Enrique’s interpretation, it’s very touching. It’s the kind of feeling I try to convey in my songs, but while trying to use an innovative way of singing. I prefer to use a more refined and less dramatic style.



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