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Interview | Questions & Answers With ELYAZ



Fresh and emerging artist ELYAZ was born in Bologna, Italy. His father is a prestigious guitarist in his homeland, so it would not be surprising that he was encouraged from an early age to show some love to this instrument. Currently, he is promoting one of his best songs to date, titled “Break The Distance”. Of course, we discussed this feel-good song, please scroll down for details!

1 — Welcome to Electro Wow, ELYAZ. How are you right now?

Hey! Great, thanks!

2 — What was the inspiration behind your new single “Break The Distance”?

I wanted to do a project that was both personal and ambitious. “Break The Distance” stems from my desire to make music and have a unique experience, combining my lifelong passion with my newfound interest in producing music.

3 — Did you come across any challenges, whilst producing the record?

I faced a lot of challenges because I had to test myself in each part of the project; particularly, searching for the right sound, the melody, including my voice, the editing of the video, and above all the planning out of the idea and actually bringing it to fruition.

4 — How much importance do you put in the songwriting & is there significant meaning behind the single for you?

It’s the most important thing and it’s what I love doing—each part of it, really: composition, melody, arrangement, text writing, sound design, studio production and everything it takes so the project says what I feel and who I am. While everyone has their own interpretation of the piece, mine is breaking the distance caused by anything that separates us from our real selves. I tried to make this as visible as possible, through a series of specific choices in the production phase. My hope is that the whole project will have a better characterization because of them.

5 — We know you love guitars, what is it that captivates you so much about the instrument?

I have always been fascinated by the guitar. It is a multifaceted instrument with many variations and sounds that go from aggressive and powerful to melodic and sweet. It is very versatile that has always accompanied my emotions.

elyaz interview
6 — If you could pick a famous producer to remix ‘Break the Distance’, who would it be and why?

A Hardwell remix would be amazing. I have always loved his music and his style. I think he could give even greater impact to “Break The Distance”. If that were to happen, I would be thrilled!

7 — What’s in the pipeline in terms of your next single? Anything you can tell us yet!?

I’m working on a song I’d like to release by the end of 2018, with evocative, wild sounds…

8 – And finally, what’s the best piece of career advice you’ve been given to date?

I think I’ve heard every possible kind of advice, it seems like people are all too anxious to tell you what you should do! The best thing anyone ever suggested I do (and I try to follow it every day) is: “just be yourself”.



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