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Interview | Questions & Answers With Emmy Law



emmy law
There’s something about “Fairyland” by Emmy Law that’s so addictive. Not to mention, the short story behind its accompanying video looks pretty nice too. Overall, her music will appeal to fans of Indie Pop, and if you want to discover more about her life and artistic career, then you’re in the right blog!

1 — Growing up, was music always a big part of your life?

Yes, definitely. I grew up always singing in class, and really enjoyed music class at school. Music and sports were my things. I started piano lessons at age 8 and continued through majoring in music in college.

2 — Do you have any favorite instrument?

It’s close, but I think I have to go with the piano. It’s so relaxing and playing it really feels therapeutic.

3 — As an artist, do you have any role models?

I’ve always admired Ingrid Michaelson’s writing style – her older music really got me into exploring writing. Away from music, my role models are my parents – they’re amazing people and their influence on my life has definitely led me to where I am today.

4 — What do you love about the open mic scene in Atlanta?

The open mic scene in Atlanta is a great way to meet local musicians. There’s a great variety – some open mics are laid back, others are well-attended competitions. I’ve done many of the open mics here, all across the spectrum, and it’s been a wonderful experience.

emmy law interview
5 — Have you ever been awarded for your talent? What are you proud of?

In 2014 I won the John Jarrard Foundation Songwriting Contest with my song “Lovely”. I got to open onstage for some renowned Nashville songwriters, and that was a really cool experience. I also won the night and advanced to the final round in two of Atlanta’s top open mic competitions – Eddie’s Attic and Red Clay Theater (EOP). I competed in the shootouts for those competitions and met some really cool people.

6 — Who would you dedicate to your new single “Fairyland”?

My parents who really supported me in releasing this first EP.

7 — I really liked the visuals for this track. How would you interpret the short story it portrays?

I’m glad you dig the visuals! The short story portrays a couple going through the ups and downs of a relationship… Fairyland is the place they want to stay, pretending things are fine. Ultimately, they both need to leave Fairyland and face reality — this happens at the end of the video.

8 — How creatively involved were you with the overall process?

Very involved. I pitched the idea for the video to Zak Washburn and he had a lot of creative ideas to bring it to life.

9 — Are you currently working on new songs? If so, what topics would you like to explore with the lyrics?

Yes! I just finished recording my next single. The tune is about looking back and realizing a parent really damaged us as a child. The tune takes the listener through some things that happened during childhood.

10 — At the end of the day, what is your ultimate goal as an artist?

I know how deeply I’ve connected with some artists through their music….it’s almost a spiritual experience. My dream is to create the same experience with people on the artist’s side.



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