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Interview | Questions And Answers With Emojii



Interview | Questions And Answers With Emojii
I’d like to introduce you to a new talent. New, but he already had the honor to play Carnegie Hall as a classical pianist…  Emojii is an artist full of surprises who keeps his identity secret. He recently released a catchy dance track called “Can’t Stop Falling”, and what I liked the most was his music video, in which he proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes! Get all the details below and enjoy this interview.

1 – Did it take you a long time to find your DJ name and your music style?

No, I wanted to keep my anonymity so I thought of how to do that and the first thing that popped into my head was to use emoji’s, thus giving me my name. As far as style, being a composer and songwriter I’ve experimented with multiple different styles. This style was just what I felt fit the occasion.

2 – When would you use emojis and when you wouldn’t? What are your favorites?

I plan on using emoji’s throughout my entire career and regarding my favorite, I really don’t have one. I actually created on the emoji’s you see in my music video so I kind of enjoyed using all of them.

3 – Where did you learn to sing and to produce music?

I’ve grown up making songs just from listening to other artists, one of my favorites growing up was Michael Jackson. But I received my actual training as far as vocal and composing from my College education. First Bergen Community College and then William Paterson University.

4 – What inspired the “Can’t Stop Falling“ lyrics?

The inspiration behind the lyrics is none other than my beautiful fiancé the song was written for her to use in proposing to her.

5 – In your music video, we noticed you arranged a surprise marriage proposal to your girlfriend. So, when is the wedding? What happened that day after she accepted your proposal?

We have the wedding scheduled for sometime in the Fall of 2017. After the proposal, we went across the river into the City and enjoyed a nice rooftop dinner in New York.

6 – Who was filming and directing the music video? 

A good friend of mine who owns a local recording studio in Cresskill, New Jersey called ANS Studios.

7 – How many emojis masks do you have? Did you design them?

Actual masks, I have no idea.. a lot. All the emoji’s in the video weren’t actually masks though, they were pictures digitally inserted after I created them.

8 – What characteristics separate you from other masked DJs?

Well for starter I don’t actually see myself as a DJ. I just enjoy composing and writing music and wanted to do something special for someone special to me. My versatility as a composer and musician also allows me to be a little more creative in the music process when composing any style of music.

9 – What would you say is your most memorable musical moment so far?

I would say doing this song is because its something that means something to me personally. Creating a song is easy, but putting your heart into something you create, it makes the music forever a part of you.

10 – What is next to be released?

That is just something you will have to wait to find out… 🙂



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