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Interview | Questions & Answers With Entel



Interview | Questions & Answers With Entel
With much clarity, Entel has answered all my questions! This interview definitely explores interesting facts about the young DJ/Producer from Columbus, Ohio. Beyond this, he has just released his ‘Leaving My Mind’ EP, and I took the opportunity to talk with him about this powerful Progressive House material that will fascinate you.

1 – When did your music journey start as Entel?

My journey as Entel started at the end of my senior year of high school in 2011. DJing was something I did to relieve stress and relax in my free time. I played my first gig at the end of my freshmen year at Ohio University in 2012. That’s when I finally put a name to what I was doing. I connected with a local promotional group called Dave Rave that was run by my now good friend DJ B Funk. He put me on a showcase and I haven’t looked back since! Shout out to B Funk, without him and Dave Rave I don’t think I would have gotten the opportunities I have today.

2 – What were you listening to while growing up? How much has it influenced you?

I grew up listening to an array of music. Early on I listened to a lot of classic rock, and that eventually grew into a love for Punk / Ska and Metal music. Bands like As I Lay Dying, Blink 182, Dance Gavin Dance, and From First to Last (to name a few) were a staple in what I listened to daily. As I got older I started expanding and listening to stuff like Flying Lotus, Portishead and then some Hip-Hop. As long as it isn’t country music or recycled Pop music, I’ll probably dig it.

I think the biggest influence I pulled from all these different genres was how it made me feel emotional. Creating a song for a specific setting, or feeling is something I try to in capture in everything I write and release. 🙂

3 – How big is the EDM scene in your hometown? What do you prefer festivals or clubs?

Columbus has an amazing scene! I love my hometown and the different styles of shows we have to offer. I can confidently say no matter what type of electronic music you listen to, we have a weekly, or monthly event that is for you! We are an incredibly welcoming, and open scene and that’s something I have loved since day one.

Picking between festivals or clubs is a tough one for me because they’re totally different experiences. I try to go to at least one festival a year, but if I had to choose one, as of lately it would be club shows. Nothing beats a proper club night for me. Something about showing up at the beginning, and watching as the night evolves is something I really love.

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4 – Why is your EP titled ‘Leaving My Mind’? How long did it take you to produce it?

My EP is titled ‘Leaving my Mind’ because that’s what I was trying to do when I wrote it. At the time I started writing, I felt like I had confined myself musically, and in my personal life. These songs were my response to that. I also felt I hadn’t been writing music that I truly loved, but rather following popular trends. I took some time to write some music I felt was a proper representation of me as an artist, and how I wanted to be seen. I wrote about 6 songs over the span of two months, and then picked three to go on the EP. Through this process ‘Leaving My Mind’ was born!

5 – What’s your favorite track off the new EP? Why?

Ahh man, this is a tough one. The way “Paradox” starts may be my favorite intro wise. As a whole, though I’d have to say “Drifting” because of the upbeat, yet darker feel it has. Also, it was supported by Mau5trap on their first Zambah playlist. Deadmau5 and everyone from the Mau5trap camp is a huge influence on me. To have something I made be recognized by them meant so much to me. It was a goal of mine I made when I started Entel, and it seemed crazy. To have achieved that is an amazing feeling.

6 – Is there someone you are a dreaming of collaborating on a future release?

As clique as it might come across, Deadmau5 would be a dream come true. His earlier releases from Random Album Title or his Space & Time remix are timeless to me. I would love to get in a studio with him and see what the outcome is.

7 – What do you believe are the main ingredients of a top quality track?

A good melody followed by good progression and tension. The emotion a track creates with a melody is what I listen to most. All my tracks start with me playing around on a piano. Once I think I’ve found something I like, I will start adding strings, pads, synths and whatever else I feel it needs to compliment the feeling/emotion I am going for.

Interview | Questions & Answers With Entel
8 –Do you have a hobby different to music?

Yes, I do! I love to skateboard or play golf. Both are a way for me to relax and clear my head in different ways. I also grew up playing hockey, so I try to get out and play rec league or shoot around as much as I can.

9 – What social networks do you use actively these days?

I am most active on Twitter and Instagram but have been doing my best to keep my Facebook page up to date with what I have going on. I will say I love how much more personal I can be on Twitter. Connecting with people and interacting with other artist is something I try to do daily.

10 – What can we expect from Entel for the rest of 2017?

Lots of new music! I spent the end of 2016 writing as much as I could to make sure I was consistently putting music out in 2017. I am excited to take my music in a direction I truly love and believe in, and get these songs to people’s ears. I have an array of Deep and Progressive House tracks lined up to be released in the coming months to follow up my EP. I also have a second EP done, but I don’t expect to put that out until later on in the year. For now, I am most excited for my song “Oasis” to be released on June 12th via Suicide Robot, an imprint under Plasmapool Records.

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