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Interview | Questions And Answers With Fahjah



Interview | Questions And Answers With Fahjah
Canadian DJ and producer, Fahjah is rapidly becoming an internationally-acclaimed artist. This is due to his original sound that can make anybody dance. In this exclusive interview, he shared with us his experiences, and also what he is doing in the here and the now with this music project he started a few years ago…

1 – What’s the origin of your artistic name?

Growing up, my oldest brother always came up with nicknames for my brothers and I. We went and saw Austin Powers and for some reason they just decided to start calling me Fahjah. It stuck, I had teachers in elementary school call me that, my friends, their parents, literally everyone would call me Fahjah so I thought it only made sense to call myself Fahjah.

2 – What made Fahjah interested in music?

I’ve always been interested in music as a kid. Always wanted to learn different instruments and enjoyed listening to all types of music. My mom plays the flute and made sure my brothers and I learnt some sort of instrument. My dad definitely had a hand in it too. He played tons of different music for me growing up. Lots of different carribean music such as soca, chutney, and some Bollywood music. I listened to a lot of shaggy took. So to sum it up, my interest was created by my parents.

3 – What was the soundtrack in the family home when you were a kid?

“It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy hahaha. Lots of scrunter during Christmas time too.

4 – Do you think you get the recognition you deserve?

That’s a hard question to answer. I think I have to wait and see where this goes. I’ve only been producing for 4 years which in the grand scheme of things isn’t really that long. Maybe once I’ve been at it for a longer amount of time it’ll be easier to judge. It’s hard to say how much you deserve this early but I will say I’m getting more and more with every release so it’s an upward progression which makes me happy!

5 – How big is the Trance music scene in Canada? Is it an underground genre over there?

I know in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, they have a strong dance music scene as whole. I’ve heard they have a fairly good Trance community. I live in Winnipeg though. The scene is growing a lot here but at the moment the Trance community isn’t large enough to support a solid Trance act coming into town. We’re more of a Rap and Country town but the electronic scene as a whole is getting larger. We have a festival here called Summer of Sound and every year it gets bigger and bigger with more established artists. It’s a reflection of the change going on in the city and as this growth continues, I could definitely see a Solid trance community emerge.

6 – What’s the best Trance track ever made in the world?

“Rebound” by Mat Zo & Arty

7 – Do you prefer remixing or producing? What do you like the most?

They’re both great although I do love already having vocals made, it just speeds up the process and it’s a ton of fun chopping them up and doing a new take on a song you love. Going from scratch feels a lot more rewarding though knowing every idea was yours. Can’t say I have a preference though.

8 – Tommy Trash, Heatbeat, MAKJ, Judge Jules, Andy Moor, Markus Schulz, Myon & Shane and more popular producers have supported your career… Is there something special about your music style?

I think what makes my music special is that I have an absolute love for pretty and atmospheric music so I focus a lot and trying to create a really cool mesmerizing sound. I combine everything I love about dance music with my love for other non-electronic genres which creates something pretty cool. In my newer releases, especially in the ones coming in 2017 people will really start to hear that. I’ve been working with drummers, saxophone players, bass players, and violinists which is really shaping my sound into something unique and very organic.

9 – Have you ever released a music video?

Never but I hope to one day! We’ll see what happens if I make a track that blows up…

10 – Tell us what you are working on now.

I’m working on a ton of new stuff, pretty much every genre. I’m making a 138 Trance track, Hard Trap, Moombah, Deep House, Progressive House, Future Bass, and combinations of all the above. I think people are going to enjoy what I have coming!



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