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Interview | Questions & Answers With Feyer



Multi-talented artist Feyer creates interesting genre-bending music, pulling influences from rock, electronica, and video game themes. His musical heroes include Queen, David Bowie, and Talking Heads. Currently, he’s promoting the clip for his new song “Stuck In A Video Game”, which features retro animations, plus a thought-provoking concept. Discover more details in this exclusive interview.

1 — Hello Feyer, thanks for your time. Did you study music production or are you self taught?

A little bit of both. I went to school for music composition mainly, but from there, I got guidance on how to produce electronically and take full advantage of the recording studio. After I graduated, I built my own home recording studio and became more immersed in electronic production. A lot of the little tips and tricks about how to manipulate my DAW, I taught myself (with the help of some YouTube tutorials!).

2 — What makes you so passionate about video games and music?

Funny you should ask. I was never really into video games growing up. It was more so a side hobby for me. I wasn’t allowed to have a gaming console, or even a GameBoy, growing up, so if I ever played video games, they would be at a friend’s house. And since I didn’t have games of my own, I would have nowhere to practice and would suck at the games. What really stuck with me when playing (and usually failing) these games was their awesome soundtracks. Music is my ultimate passion, and since video games often have great soundtracks, I often let them influence my own original material.

3 — Do you want to send out a positive message with your newest single “Stuck In A Video Game”?

The message is more so about life in general than about video games specifically. The skin-deep message is about how as we play these games, we become fully immersed in the characters we take on and it can be difficult to separate real life from what is on the screen. However, when you look deeper into it, you’ll find that the song is a metaphor for life, and how we’re always trying to be the best we can be and achieve next-level success, but there are hurdles we will need to overcome and tools and skills we need to acquire just to get there. Maybe it’s not so positive when you think about it, but I hope that it will provoke thought.

4 — Is banning video games the answer to video game addiction?

Definitely not! If you ban something, won’t it make people just want it more? The idea is about moderation and teaching people that these kinds of things are fine in small doses. It becomes a problem only if people begin to feel as if they can’t live without it, or their lives aren’t complete unless they do this all the time.

5 — Many critics think video games have helped the music industry survive. What’s your opinion?

I agree. As mentioned earlier, something that makes so many games unique are their soundtracks. Since games are being developed at a frequent pace, just like music, developers are always looking for original music for their work. They’re also looking to license pre-existing songs that weren’t made specifically for the games but will fit well with them. These developments in gaming will greatly help musicians creatively and financially and open up new opportunities to get their music out there in ways they may have not thought possible.

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6 — We know you also produce scores for films. Which is your favorite film soundtrack so far? Why?

At the moment, the Interstellar soundtrack. It’s so simple but so impactful. It really captures the feeling of being trapped in space, while trying to maintain the connection you have to Earth. As far as film scores go, this one is very ambient but has a beautiful theme that stays with you. I also enjoy how Hans Zimmer combines real orchestral sounds with electronic timbres, reinforcing the connection between life on earth and spacious artificial intelligence.

7 — Are you working on your second album or do you prefer to release more single tracks this year?

At the moment, I’m focusing on singles, as they are much easier to promote in the age of streaming. I want each release of mine to achieve its maximum potential, so I’m working on different singles to be released every few months. I am also trying hard to collaborate with other musicians, writers and producers to create tracks that I may not have thought to make just on my own. This way, there’s a stronger sense of community. Be on the lookout for another single, to be released in late May. This one will be quite different than “Stuck in a Video Game” and have more of a rock edge.

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8 — Analogs vs. Digital synths. Which one do you prefer?

Digital is what I’m most familiar with, and many of the synths I use are in the box, aka just inside my software. However, although I really dig a lot of the presets at my fingertips, I often try to tweak or combine different sounds so that it doesn’t sound too much like an obvious presets. Despite being less familiar with analog synths, I still have a great interest, as with those, it’s all up to you to manipulate and create the sound. It’s almost like cooking a dish: you need measurements and recipes for creating that perfect patch.

9 — Do you think 8-bit/Chiptune music is for everyone?

It can be if it’s presented the right way, such as when it’s in the background for a popular game, movie, or show, but for people who are more into music with live instruments, whether it be a rock band or an orchestra, 8-bit/Chiptune may be harder to digest. I try not to make straight up chiptune unless I’m asked to for a project, as I still really enjoy the elements and energy of a live rock band. Since I usually play live with a band, I want to do something in the studio that will translate similarly onstage.

10 – Finally, have you ever used cheat codes in order to win hard video games?

Nah, never, because I don’t know any! If I did, I’d probably be using them all the time.



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