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Interview | Questions & Answers With FM R IZ



Interview | Questions & Answers With FM R IZ
Check out this interview with Craig Caudill aka FM R IZ. The electronic producer is celebrating this year his 4th anniversary as an artist. A new Electronica album will be released soon, and I took advantage of this opportunity to make crucial questions concerning his music project. Discover more below…

1 – When and where did you learn to produce music?

Wow, I started in a garage band called Slug Head 26 years ago roughly from 91-95. I was the vocalist/spoken word artist with ambient bass noise from played another member eventually it evolved into lots of people jumping in as session artists. We recorded from audio to cassette recorder until we got a Tascam four track recorder. We also used reel-to-reel tapes. I helped another friend on his Fostex four track to record more Blues Rolling Stones oriented. Skipping to roughly years ago, I started making a stab at it with free synth apps like Audio Sauna. Then I bought a small Korg nano keyboard got an inexpensive Daw and the rest is history.

2 – Why are you passionate about Electronica?

My tastes in music changed between 89-92, I was discovering things very alien to me previously I was mostly into Hardcore or heavy music. But after learning how music is made and what is music was an eye opening thing. Like all music Electronica runs an amazing of genres. From boring mainstream to very obscure. But mostly I like going over plugins with my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and simply I adjust levels and messing with drum machines.

3 – How did you come out with the name FM R IZ?

Well I am a Writer, and I like the play with words misspell them on purpose or change words to find new meaning in electronic lots of people have DJ names and I wanted something simple so I took a word Ephemeris literally a cosmic and using just letters spaced them apart it like it’s a first and last name. Also to make you say the letters separately until you said it enough that if you said faster you find yourself saying Ephemeris

4 – Is it true that you use different aliases on other music projects?

Yes, currently I am recording also as Tapeotronik. In the past, I was Red Wave, Cloned in Brazil but changed after long thought people think it had Nazi implications because of the film The Boys from Brazil. I didn’t want anyone thinking I was a Nazi sympathizer. Because I’m not racially pure. And I’m not better than anyone or want to kill anyone. So I changed it to just my real name until one day FM R IZ came to me out of nowhere.

5 – How will you celebrate your 4th anniversary as FM R IZ?

I’m hoping to release another physical like last year but with new material. Instead of what I made in three years. I’m hoping by the end of August.

6 – Can you talk about your upcoming album? How did you decide which song to include? 

Yeah, It’s untitled right now for this one I have two files of music which I have featured some tracks on my SoundCloud. Right now, I’m trying to shorten the tracks usually my stuff can go ten minutes. Normally, what I make I admit are guilty pleasures and perhaps very noisy. But I am my own worst critic.

7 – Musically, how different is your upcoming album with ‘The Sheep & The Slaughter’?

On Sheep… it was in my mind hard techno with 80’s synth a retro feel. This one I’m trying for natural percussion. I have some Latin Percussion presets on my Drum Machine which I Love! I’m hoping to work with more natural sounds and reigning it in more to capture its essence. I know that sound pretentious. But if you have a pencil you have to sharpen it, if you’re ever going to write something.

8 – Do you think physical CDs are still important? Will you distribute your new album in this format?

Like, everyone, I’m spoiled by the convenience having your entire music and film collection on external hard drive. And not hear the same song for 5 to 10 days. However, CD’s is the equivalent to the 8 track tape because it can run on a continuous loop and sometimes all you to look at was the album cover. CD’s booklets too tiny to look at until later. But yes, some people like to have some they can hold in their hands and open look while they chill to Bob Marley or Grateful Dead.

And yes, I want to definitely put something on disc again so I can hold it in my hand or give one to my Mom and say I did this. And hopefully, sell a few on the way.

9 – Where can fans connect with you on social media?

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.

10 – What artists have continued to inspire you and your music? Who would you absolutely love to work with in the future?

Oh, it goes everywhere but to be brief. Thom Yorke, John Frusciante A definite bucket lister is Giorgio Moroder and Brian Eno, Vangelis, Blixxa Bargeld, Stereolab, Cornelius, Throbbing Gristle, Tom Waits, Les Claypool, Mike Patton, Skinny Puppy, John Mau5, Aphex Twin, Cocteau Twins, and finally Robert Fripp.

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