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Interview | Questions & Answers With GEISTHA



Interview | Questions & Answers With GEISTHA
Electronic Music Producer GEISTHA has recently put out his new single “D’ARK (DUSK)”, and we are so hooked on it. We spoke to him about it and also on the new video and future plans. Read more below.

1 — What’s your favorite part about producing electronic music?

Freedom. The endless possibilities of the genre captivate me most. The way you are able to capture your surroundings, transform them digitally and create an entirely new atmosphere. In a way, I tend to consider the electronic and the organic as two poles within my music, the sound being an oscillating element between them. This approach is definitely what inspires me and electronics are – at least of all the styles of music I know – the one that does in fact suit me most.

2 – What artists are similar to GEISTHA?

All artists who have a strong aesthetic vision and seek to implement it in every aspect of their work.

3 — Do you consider yourself an underground artist? Why?

My decisions are always driven by creative intentions not conventions. I intend to keep a certain distance to the observer and thereby create an overall aesthetic of the unknown. I release my tracks via an independent label and try to be in control of everything related to the brand GEISTHA. So it is much more about artistic integrity than it is about aspirations.

4 — What do you think, why do so many people hate mainstream music?

Mainstream music is a difficult term. I think a lot of people want to be taken seriously as a listener. And music that is produced to sell in calculated amounts might not be what satisfies that very need. But of course that depends a lot on your individual expectations on music.

interview GEISTHA
5 — How much hard work have you put into your debut single “D’ARK (DUSK)”? What was the initial concept for the project?

It has been a long process from the first demo to the final track. Focussing on flowing, hypnotizing vibes, I saw myself challenged by an intuitive urge to add extremes. To endure the repetitive character of the track, searching beauty in very slowly progressing movements within, definitely broadened my horizon as a songwriter.

At some point of the production, I felt the desire to add another layer, a more organic feeling to the track. That was when the recording of the cello section was done.

What initially sparked writing “D’ARK (DUSK)” was my relation to the night. I wanted to dedicate a track to that special state of mind triggered by the dark and to the people who can identify with that particular feeling.

6 — You have teamed up with Beans & Bacon Records for your debut. Tell us more about working with such a cutting-edge label.

Even before I decided to finally release tracks as GEISTHA on Beans & Bacon, I put some tracks out via the label. So you could say that B&B is my musical home base. I always felt a little like the odd one out there – but only in the best of ways. At B&B I am given the freedom to develop artistically, which is definitely not to be taken for granted in the music industry.

GEISTHA music producer
7 — You just released the second part of the D’ARK series. How do the two tracks “D’ARK (DUSK)” and “D’ARK (DAWN)” differ from
each other?

Dualities have always played a central role in my music. But instead of tackling the classic duality of light and darkness, I wanted to focus on nuances, on gradations in the spectrum of darkness. That’s why the idea to make the D’ARK two-part series with DUSK on the one hand and DAWN on the other, seemed to aline with that vision. In comparison to DUSK, DAWN shows a slightly lighter facet both musically and lyrically.

8 — Why did you decide to drop a vertical video for “D’ARK (DUSK)”?

In my case, the decision was not to make a vertical music video but to make a square one. Stephan (Thiemt, director of D’ARK (DUSK) and I discussed visual norms and how to challenge them in a subtle way, when he came up with the idea to make a square video. Since I am always looking for perfection within my aesthetics, I was very enthusiastic about a format that is pure symmetry.

9 — Do you think that clips shot in a landscape perspective are not relevant anymore?

I think the format is just another parameter to consider. Art has always been related to the technical possibilities of its time. So format as a parameter is just another opportunity to challenge the familiar – or to embrace it.

10 – Finally, what more can we expect in the future from GEISTHA? Live shows, more EPs or an album?

I have spent a lot of time in studios throughout the past months. So I definitely want to start playing live. The live aspect is an essential part of GEISTHA; it is where that link between classic songwriting and club music is coming to life. But I am already producing new tracks as well – no direction set yet.



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