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Interview | Questions & Answers With Head Fake



Interview | Questions & Answers With Head Fake

Get to know Head Fake, three semi-anonymous artists hailing from London, New Jersey, and Miami. While it is true they prefer to let the music speak for itself, I got the opportunity to interview them. Moreover, their latest music video for “I’m Found” is worth watching. Happy reading!

1 – Why did you choose ‘Head Fake’ as band name?

When we first started sharing music with friends and family, the 80’s vibe was unexpected based on other work we had each been doing individually, from classic rock covers to stripped-down indie to electro-pop, so came off as a bit of a head fake to most.

2 – How long have you been together?

We’ve been formally together for about a year, starting with an impromptu jam session with Michael and James and soliciting the production stylings of Ivan.

3 – What is the best phrase that describes your music style?

It’s an evolving style but generally draws from the 80’s music of our youth, from New Wave to Goth to crossover-pop. We’ve referred to it as neo-80’s – same basic sound with a bunch of new sonic tools.

4 – What are your favorite things in the artistic world?

Originality and authenticity. Being surprised by the way something is put together creatively and having it speak to something new or unexplored.

5 – What was running through your mind while writing “I’m Found”?

Memories of open skies on childhood travels to the country and a sense of hope, loyalty and perseverance that seemed to exist in those spaces. The song actually came together quite quickly, capturing the emotion behind it.

6 – Was the music video for “I’m Found” inspired by a cowboy film?

Not by a film, but was definitely inspired by the imagery of cowboys, open country and rural sensibilities, imagery in which one can get lost from the noise of the news and current events.

7 – Lyrically, what is the message behind this track?

If we focus on the things that are fundamental to our well being, despite the challenges that life brings our way, we’ll find ourselves “found”.

8 – What can listeners expect on ‘EP2’?

EP2 is a deeper dive into a broader range of 80’s influences that our first EP. From the sentimental “Song for Daughters” to the ironic twist in Overjoyed, our goal was to offer a broader sense of an 80’s radio playlist.

9 – Did you ever struggle with the songwriting process?

Rarely in the actual writing, although there are often pauses between new songs. As a band, we’ve been pretty prolific in our writing; we’ll likely have another EP worth of material by the time quarantine ends. It feels as though a lot of this material has just been waiting to be revealed, coming together very quickly.

10 – Lastly, tell us something about no one else know about each member of Head Fake?

None of us has actually ridden a motorcycle standing up!



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