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Interview | Questions & Answers With HEREN



is a music producer, remixer, and DJ from Spain. He took some time out to chat with us about his new single “Animals (Raw Love)”. But, beyond that, he also reveals unknown details of his career. Please scroll down to read the full interview!

1 – What point in your life did you decide to pursue the world of music?

My mother was a music teacher and she’s the one who introduced me to music in general. But I think it’s not until I was 19 and discovered electronic music that I really decided I wanted to pursue it as a career.

2 – Was there anyone who really helped you in your music career?

if you mean it in the sense of a “mentor” I can’t name just a person in particular. During all these years and throughout my career I have been meeting great producers and people. Some have become great friends now, and have helped me improve my skills over the years or have given me great advice. But I have also learned or got inspired by many artists I listen to even though I haven’t had the chance of letting them know yet.

3 – In your opinion, what has been HEREN’s best collaboration to date?

All collaborations I have done have been great and each one for different reasons. I can’t really name just one. The song I am most proud of would be “Hundred Miles”, it’s the one that gave me the big break but I have to say that “Animals” has been really special to produce as well. Working with Bearoid on the track has been really fun.

4 – What inspired you to produce ‘Animals (Raw Love)?

I wanted to produce something original and that sounded different from my previous singles or anything I could hear on the radio. I am a big fan of the music from the 80’s and American Pop Music so I wanted to give it a bit of that vibe, produce something a bit more uplifting and energetic.

5 – What element stands out most to you with the single?

I think the lead melody and the bass line but also how the vocals and its harmonies fit so well with the music.

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6 – How much influence do your Hispanic roots have on your music? We guess you would have been exposed to many Spanish artists when you were growing up? 

This might be surprising but not so much actually. I’ve always been more interested in what was happening musically at an international level since very very young. Of course, there are great producers and musicians here but as we say in Spain “The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence” haha.

7 – What are you up to over the Summer, any international touring in the diary?

One show I am particularly looking forward to playing is Daydream Festival in Barcelona. It’s happening in my Hometown so it’s going to be fun playing with and for friends. The rest of the tour can’t be announced yet but keep an eye on my socials, lot’s of interesting things will be announced soon.

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8 – Is there any advice you would like to give to today’s young producers?

Be patient and believe in yourself. Success rarely comes overnight and it’s something I remember myself as well every day.

9 – And lastly, if you were an animal – what would you be & why?

This is an interesting question… Maybe a fish… Not sure which one yet but would love to get to discover oceans more in details. Or also a bird… who hasn’t dreamed of being able to fly?



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