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Interview | Questions & Answers With Higher Education



Interview | Questions & Answers With Higher Education

What if I told you, that there’s an American band that blends reggae and rock music. Surely, that sounds quite cool, right? Read the full interview below to gain a better understanding of Higher Education‘s unique sound. They spilled details on their single “Gift Called Life”, the release of a new album, and much more!

1 – When and how was the Higher Education band formed?

Danny: Higher Education was formed in 2010. Peter and I were transitioning from our first band “Probable Cause” and a friend invited Bradley over to jam. He instantly dropped some double kick in and it was set in stone.

2 – Why is there a strong influence of Reggae in almost all your productions?

Petey: Danny and I took mushrooms and saw “State Radio” at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC on December 26th, 2008.

Danny: The way they played reggae and incorporated heavy rock and roll filled with other genres was amazing to me.

Petey: Our dad was in a band named Forcer and always preached to us be heavy, sound full. That night definitely influenced how we approach the reggae in our music.

3 – Currently, I’m enjoying the uplifting vibe of your new single “Gift Called Life”. To whom would you dedicate this song?

Petey: Our father, Peter Devaney IV and every one living.

Danny: Our father for sure and every person out there enjoying their life to fullest.

4 – Who wrote the lyrics? What’s your favorite line?

Danny: Petey wrote the lyrics.

Petey: The first line. “Gone in a blink of an eye, say goodbye to that Gift Called Life”.

5 – What has been the funniest experience during the filming of the music video?

Danny: Having all of us together. The Higher Education crew, their families, our nephews, and children. It was awesome having everyone in one place.

Petey: To have all of the people that help Higher Education exist enjoying themselves was great. We work hard and our families do endure for us to do this.

higher education interview
6 – We know this song is part of your forthcoming fourth album. Can you reveal to us what’s new in this record?

Petey: The album is very complete representation of what we have been able to do in our music so far. We are learning how to make a real record. Striving to make a cohesive piece of work. In the age of the single and digital streaming its harder to present a whole piece of work. We look to push ourselves to do this and, in return, this album represents a spectrum of what Higher Education can do.

7 – Do you have an official release date for the new album?

Danny: February 23rd the album comes out, we are excited for the music lovers to discover it.

8 – Are you planning a tour across America?

Petey: Yes! We head out on tour going north from Maryland and into the Midwest on March 10th. We are adding dates for the second half of 2018.

Danny: We are super excited to tour, every time we hit the road the fans show us more and more love. Its very humbling and surreal.

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9 – What can we expect from your live shows?

Petey: You can expect to have fun.

Danny: A lot of heart.

10 – What advice do you have for someone wanting to start a band?

Petey: Our friend Joey Harkum always said something that I took to heart, “Your Married to these guys”.

Danny: Don’t give up even when it gets hard. When you are first starting out it seems impossible but the key is longevity.

Petey: You have to push the levels of creativity and what is possible with your team. Everyone has to have a common goal.

Danny: Common goal. I like that, that’s key too.

Petey: Never forget why you started doing this. It’s not about the illusion its always about that feeling of creating and how it affects you.



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