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Interview | Questions & Answers With IBRU



Interview | Questions & Answers With IBRU
If you like Reggae/Dancehall music, then you’ll have to keep an eye on IBRU. Believe it or not, this artist originally from the Bahamas is an Iraqi war veteran. In fact, his newest song, “War And Violence” is a response to the need to reflect on our reality. Learn more about him and the music he makes below.

1 — When did you discover your passion for Reggae?

About seven years ago I realised that I had a passion for Reggae. Before that, I approached it like a hobby.

2 — What makes your music so genuine and special?

My music is genuine and special because I am being me. I don’t try to follow other people, I am true to myself.

3 — What artists have inspired you to become a singer?

Reggae artists like Wayne Wonder and Romain Virgo.

4 — Is your new song “War And Violence” related to your experiences during the Iraqi war?

Experiences in Iraq gave me thoughts of parallel situations. Seeing the physical devastations of war on a people way of life in Iraq could not be physically paralleled in our western world but the universal hurt that mankind feels when a loved one is lost is what inspired me in writing the lyrics to the song.

5 — Please tell us more about its lyrics and the message.

The song strongly points to the future, with the idea of looking for a better future because the youths are the future. Lives of the youths lost to violence, incarceration, war still brings the same outcome and that’s destruction and alteration of the future.

6 — Can music stop wars?

I will contract this with a question. Can good conquer evil? My thing is that a positive thinking and mindset can be infectious and eventually bring change in some ways. But everything starts in the mind as a thought. I think music can change the way people think.

Ibru interview
7 — What do you regret most in your life?

I have no regrets in life.

8 — How much progress have you made with your forthcoming debut album ‘Life Story’?

Right now I want to bring more awareness to my music before releasing the album but everything seems to be on schedule.

9 — Is this album about political songs for non-political people?

The album is not about political songs for non-political people. The album has a balance. In life, you must have a balance and that’s how I approach music. The album has party tracks, as well as songs with different moods. My songs that are labeled political are just reality songs bringing awareness to situations faced by people who don’t have a voice or about the common people who are the main audience.

10 — What can we expect from IBRU in the coming months?

A variety of tracks that shows the versatility of Ibru.



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