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Interview | Questions & Answers With Jamieson



In an interview with Jamieson, we talked about his music and also everything related to Rap. The single he is currently promoting is called “The War”, and it’s about the biggest battle, which is always with oneself. Read on to see what he says about this release and don’t forget to watch his new video.

1 — Where do you find your artistic inspiration?

I get it from everyday life. My music is quite honest and so it stems from experiences I have been through or seen Good or bad. I try and be a positive person and like to reflect that in my songs.

2 — What are three things you consider before writing a new song?

– The topic or subject matter.
– The instrumental – does it fit the subject I’m writing about.
– How I’m going to deliver the song whether in the form of a character who I’m talking about or if the song is being written from my perspective.

3 — How does one improve one’s rapping skills?

Pray and write often.

Interview | Questions & Answers With Jamieson
4 — How would you reply if someone says, “Rap music is not real music”?

The voice in my head would say “ you’re chatting shit”. But I wouldn’t reply. If that’s what someone thinks, they aren’t worthy of my reply. I’d keep it moving. Lol.

5 — Do you think this genre has been unfairly criticized due to its misogynistic lyrics?

Possibly. But the genre is too big and powerful to allow any criticism stop it from doing what it does.

6 — Is your latest single “The War” about an internal struggle?

Yes, mainly internal struggle and some external conflict.

Life can throw things at you, these things can trigger insecurities, fears, and doubts that make you question yourself. That’s the war I believe we all face. I love my music, I try and be as positive as possible but there are days I feel like I’m losing. That voice in my head starts making me feel like I’m not good enough, capable enough, strong enough, smart enough, etc. That feeling that hope is lost is the worst feeling. That’s the battle I face from time to time but It’s a war that I can’t afford to lose.

7 — I really enjoyed watching its music video. What’s your favorite scene?

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

I like the scene where I’m bandaged up laying on the bed and the child actor who portrays my son stands by me. And the ending scene when I’m brought back to life and get up and start running. That was Epic. Oscar-worthy lmao. 😂.

8 — How did you come to work with the Video Director, Joe Puma?

My manager at the time (Jennifer Lopez) was on scout patrol looking for a director and she came across Puma’s work. I saw his reel and really liked his work. We sent home the track and he gave us his treatment and got to work. This song is extremely personal to me so it was very important to get someone who could deliver visuals to match the song. When I saw the finished outcome I had tears in my eyes. Joe did a fantastic job. I’m very proud of this piece.

9 — What’s the best rap verse on this song?

I’m torn between 2nd and 3rd. But to answer your question I’d give it to the second verse. It’s so honest and emotional. – “I’ve never ever felt so low, I’m going to a very dark place I’ve never been before and it’s killing me inside”. Most rappers are too cool to say shit like this. I’m not that cool, but I want you to feel my pain.

10 —Is it true you are a big fan of the current Latin music scene? If so, what artists would you recommend us to listen?

Yes, I’m half Colombian so growing up I listened to a lot of Latin music while my mum held it down in the kitchen. Here are some suggestions.

Lizandro Meza – Tomando El Pelo – Cumbia
Hermanos Lebron – Temperatura – Salsa
Tego Calderon – Reggaeton
Messiah – Latin Trap.



By Erick Ycaza

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