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Interview | Questions & Answers With Jasmine Knight



Interview | Questions & Answers With Jasmine Knight

Today I got the great pleasure to share with you the interview I had with the charismatic artist Jasmine Knight. Not so long ago, she provided her vocals on “Love Don’t Break Me” produced by KC Thorpe. In fact, this collaboration is definitely on my list of favorites House tracks of 2018. Discover more right here!

1 – Who is your greatest influence?

Whenever I’m asked this question, my only answer is I’m inspired by all artist’s of all caliber. There’s something special in every artist across all styles of music. My greatest influences are my experiences in life and my journey in life to reach and live in my full potential on a daily basis.

2 – When exactly did you start your music career?

I’d say around 2010 is when it all started for me and really started working on me as an artist and performing and working with others, but I’ve been writing for many years. When I looked back on some of them a while ago, they were terrible lol, oh it’s nice to see growth. ☺

3 – Was your family always supportive?

If I’m honest, when I first told them I wanted to do music, I was told it wasn’t a proper qualification, I’d never get anywhere, it’s too hard and I should do something more academic. I’m making my parents so awful lol, but at the time they didn’t know any better and believed what they were told so they were only trying to help me. My dad was in the music industry and knew how hard it was, so I guess at the time they didn’t see a future, but now, of course, they support me. I did try and do the typical classes for education, but my heart wasn’t in it and got kicked off college’s for bad behavior as I wasn’t focused and I wasn’t using my mind power properly. So, I decided to do night classes in music production as at the time that was my passion and in the daytime die of boredom doing stuff I didn’t like. In the end, I couldn’t’ hack it told my parents I don’t care anymore and went full time in music education.

4 – What message did you try to put into your latest single with KC Thorpe, “Love Don’t Break Me”?

The message for me was about making a stand-in personal relationships, even with yourself. Not letting things slide and hoping the hurtful situation won’t happen again. Not taking any shit from anyone basically because you’re powerful on your own. It wasn’t about a particular person or situation, we’ve all had a past and sometimes we get stuck in vicious circles, for life sometimes and it’s so dangerous and harmful to our health. We all need to respect and love ourselves more and that was the message. Not to stop our selves from having feelings and building up walls to protect us (as that is the worse thing to do), just being able to love and know your power and have boundaries.

5 – Is there any funny anecdote in the filming of the music video?

Yes, there was. In the music video the balloons were a reputation of love and throughout the video, they were being shot down and they were being shot down with real pellets lool so maybe not funny for me, scarier. There were a few scenes where I had to sing and perform with an air rifle shooting at me and everyone else found it funny, but me. ☺

6 – I love how your vocals sound so powerful on this track. Did you use any special singing technique?

Why, thank you very much. With this track, I used a lot of “twang” to get that true diva style. It’s quite nasal and rounding of the mouth with the words. I’d have to show you one day how to use it as it’s funny to see my facial expressions whilst doing it. 🙂

jasmine knight
7 – What motivates you to be part of the underground scene instead of the commercial music world?

I just love the freedom of being able to express yourself freely and do what you want without there being so many laws involved so to speak. Don’t get me wrong I’m motivated to be in the commercial world as well as I’d never limit myself, I’ve just felt real love and passion more underground. I’ve loved the underground sounds for years for that reason. I love all types of music, but back in the day going out on the weekends to RnB and Hip Hop when I was a kid which was the ‘hot right now’ music, there was just too much attitude and more about who looks best and that just wasn’t me and then my sister introduced me to the first love of my life… Drum N Bass and that was it, Jasmine Knight was in town lol.

8 – What type of musical projects do you accept and deny?

I accept projects that are approached correctly, with a plan of action in place and not someone that’s just like “Yo B, want you on my song, hit me up”. I like to connect with the other artists, of course, I have to love the music. Even if the projects got a big name if I’m not connecting in any way with the music I turn it down as to me it’s just not meant to be. I also like the other party to be passionate and passionate about my work and potential.

kc thorpe jasmine knight
9 – Have you ever felt limited or restricted as an artist? If yes, what have you learned throughout the last years?

I have definitely felt limited and restricted. I want to pour my heart into the music I write, but these days with everything trying to be so catchy with just one-liners throughout the whole track It’s hard when working with producers as I’ll write a full vocal and then they’ll end up using one or two lines and it’s a shame. It’s never a loss for me as I use the vocal in my own tracks, but I definitely feel restricted when working with others like I’m stuck to trying to sound like everything else, not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m talking in terms of my own creative outlet.

10 – Can we expect more vocal House tracks from Jasmine Knight in 2018?

Hell Yeeeeeeeeeah ☺



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