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Interview | Questions & Answers With JEI BLVCK



Interview | Questions & Answers With Jei Blvck
Lately, I’m loving the Deep House music produced by JEI BLVCK. Something remarkable is that the Miami-based artist has put a lot of creativity in the plot of her music videos. You will agree with me, her project has a cinematic feel and it’s worthy of admiration!    

1 – Welcome to Electro Wow JEI, how’s your 2018 so far?

Thanks for the interview Electro Wow, so far 2018 has been very good

2 – How did you get initially introduced to working in the music industry?

I got introduced to music back when I was 17 but I didn’t start taking it seriously till No Agenda Music signed one of my first tracks, under Jamille Joette back in 2012.

3 – Does the Miami music scene directly influence your sound?

Miami has somewhat but I wouldn’t say that Miami itself has influenced all my productions.

jei blvck miami producer
4 – How did the creative journey for your new single “Running Out Of Love” come about?

“Running Out Of Love” was produced by both Ocarina and I. During that time of my life I was hurt and really having a hard time believing I could love anyone again. It was during my darkest moments that I felt the most creative and that’s how this production came about.

5 – What’s the main message of the song & accompanying music video?

That’s actually a very spot on question. This video is actually part of a 3 part video release. First one was “Ain’t No Sunshine” second one is “Running Out Of Love” our fourth coming which will be released later this year will be part three called “goodbye”.

The story follows a couple going through a breakup each dealing with it in different ways both obviously hurt but prideful rather than fixing the problem they both go their separate ways as the story evolves on part 2 after waiting for him at a cafe and him never showing up she decides she can longer linger her emotions on someone like him as she’s walking through London she decides to head back to the cafe books herself a flight to Thailand… and well you’ll have to wait for the third part “goodbye” for the rest…

Jei Blvck interview
6 – We noticed you have collaborated previously with singer Kieran Fowkes. How did you both meet?

Kieran and I came across through a mutual FB friend Claire Spooner (Just Her) We’ve know each other for a few years now and actually have worked in a few projects together.

7 – What’s the style & vibe for your upcoming planned releases?

We have a little more romanticism going on but we are changing our sound constantly lately all our fresher projects have been very analogy techy with big moogy bass adding some sax flare, trumpet, guitars also collaborating with 2 new vocalist to change the vibe a bit.

8 – And finally, what advice would you give to aspiring music producers just starting out?

My advice to anyone is to not let anyone stop your creative mindset/ flow not a relationship, finances, negative people.

Always put in the time for what you want. Start small and build your studio you don’t need fancy equipment all you need is your brain, time, and willingness. Thanks for having me, JEI.



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