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Interview | Questions & Answers With Joey Danger



Joey Danger

Coming from an artistic family, Joey Danger found his own path towards music and filming. I really admire that he does everything in his power to move ahead of his projects. What is more, Joey’s original vision is linked to the Cyberpunk genre, which brings to light his enthusiasm for science fiction.  In this interview, we have mainly talked about his last music video for the single “Surrender”, which won an award for its outstanding visual effects. Continue reading to find out more…

1 — Hello Joey, when did you realize your passion was writing music and making videos?

I’ve had a love for music and film my entire life. My father was a musician and my grandfather was an actor. I was always really inspired by them. Growing up, I would record myself playing songs on a karaoke machine and then make videos for them with my mom’s camcorder. By the time I was 11 or 12 years old, I knew there was absolutely nothing else I wanted to do. I’m very grateful I still get to do it professionally now as an adult.

2 — What singers or bands share a similar sound to yours?

I like to think my music has its own sound but I’ve been told the vibe on this EP is similar to artists like K.Flay, 21 Pilots, and The Weeknd.

interview joey danger
3 — What is the one thing that differentiates you from other artists?

I do everything myself. I produce, perform, mix, edit, and master my own music. I shoot and direct my own videos. I do my own visual effects. I design all my graphics, merch and websites. If you see or hear it I created it. I feel like that adds an extra level of authenticity to my work and makes me unique.

4 — Do you have any favorite track on your latest EP ‘Lust And Vulgarity’?

That’s a tough one. It changes all the time. For the longest time it was “Surrender” but after making the music video and listening to that song on repeat for over a year straight, I’m gonna go with “Faded” since I haven’t made a video for that one yet.

5 — We know your new music video “Surrender” won the best visual effects category at La Jolla International Fashion Film Awards. That being said, are you disciplined in your goals?

Probably to a point that is unhealthy. I’ll work as long as it takes to make sure the project is as good as I feel it can be. My art always takes top priority above everything else in my life.

6 — How long did it take you to design that cyberpunk scenery? What tools or software did you use?

The visual effects took me a total of 16 months to complete. It was a huge undertaking. I’m no stranger to VFX and green screen but this was definitely the most challenging project I’ve ever done. The main programs I used were Photoshop, Blendr, After Effects, and Premiere Pro.

7 —Was the film Blade Runner your biggest inspiration for this clip?

Blade Runner was the biggest one for sure. I also took inspiration from other cyberpunk films I grew up loving like Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and The Fifth Element.

surrender joey danger
8 —Is it true the budget for this video was a challenge?

Absolutely. There was no budget at all, so finishing it required a lot of sacrifice. Everyone involved did this for free. We had to be creative. I personally had to leave my home in NYC and move to the remote blue ridge mountains for a year so that I could afford to spend almost every day working on the 100 visual effects shots it took to complete the video. In the end, though, it was all worth it. I’m really proud of what me and my team were able to achieve and I’m really glad I never compromised on my vision. It’s what makes this project most special to me.

9 — What about your next projects? Will you continue to work with a futuristic aesthetic?

Definitely. All of my all visual art has always had a futuristic aesthetic since day one. There is a running joke with my friends that I’ve never made a video without a robot in it. It’s what inspires me. I love cyberpunk and there are a ton of stories I want to tell in that world. I’ve only scratched the surface of what I plan to do.

joey danger interview
10 — Finally, What’s the message behind the lyrics of “Surrender”?

“Surrender” is a song about letting go of the expectations we put on the people we love. Even the best relationships can turn into a war if both people are fighting for different things. Sometimes you have to surrender and give up on a relationship, to save a friendship. A lot of people interpret it as a dark or sad song but to me, it’s a positive one.



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