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Interview | Questions & Answers With L.A. Bliss



Interview | Questions & Answers With L.A. Bliss

Check out this exclusive interview with L.A. Bliss. The artist’s storytelling lyrics revolve around obstacles, journeys, searches for self. Meaningful songs that share messages of reflection are sonic gems that never go out of style. For this reason, we discuss one of her best Pop songs to date, “Stranger Love”. Learn more here.

1 – In your opinion, what makes Los Angeles so special for you and other artists?

It’s a place where you can come to be accepted for your creativity and individuality. So many of us come from different backgrounds where choosing a creative career is frowned upon-a pipe dream. This is a community where you can find strength from others who share your passion and don’t judge you for it.

2 – When and where did you write the lyrics for “Stranger Love”?

I wrote Stranger Love about two years ago. I was coming off of about 8 years of pain and struggle. I was finding my way through that heartbreak.

3 – Is there a message you are trying to convey with this song?

Yes, I want to let people know that toxic relationships are just that. No matter what title that person has in your life, you do have another option to choose- yourself. If a relationship isn’t serving you for your highest good it’s ok to leave and detach with love. It’s about self-love.

LA Bliss Interview
4 – Are all your lyrics based on personal experiences?

For sure, the song is about my family. I found that strangers were giving me what I expected my family to give. Which would be love, acceptance, and support.

5 – How much were you involved in the creative process behind the music video?

It’s all me. I wanted a story to drive the message home. The metaphorical suitcase we all carry around. It’s life’s baggage. I try to throw it off a cliff, bury it, dig it back up and burn it. So many of us have our issues bubble up and we try to bury it but it always rears its ugly head. It never goes away. At the end of the video, the sunflowers symbolize a new perspective on my baggage (suitcase). It’s replaced with a healing and hopeful view of my pain. I allow myself to carry that instead. A transmutation of that pain.

6 – Can you tell us more about locations and anecdotes while shooting this clip?

I need locations where I could shoot this all in one day. The car scenes needed a beautiful backdrop so Malibu was perfect. The beach would be an easy place to bury the suitcase and throw it off a cliff. The scene where I’m singing and journaling is a depiction of the inside of my head. I used the inside of my friend’s garage. She had some great stuff lying around that were nods to my interests growing up and some are still today. Like the dress, a form is a nod to my apparel company I’m starting. I have a wig from my old band, Warped Angel. Rollerskates, crystals, my mother’s blanket, my books, old dance shoes… they are all easter eggs. I used to do display design so I put that set together in a few hours.

7 – Is it true you are currently working on your first EP? When is the release date?

Yes, I am working on my EP as a solo artist. I really want it to be released this summer hopefully the stars and schedules align.

8 – Can you reveal to us important details about this project?

It’s going to be a very personal insight into some of the topics that you would find in that suitcase.

9 – Do you think your songs only target young women?

Well, I hope not. I want to reach all walks of life. If you are human then you can relate. If it’s not something close to what you have experienced then maybe you will find compassion through the lyrics and music.

10 – Finally, where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Inspiring the world to heal and create with my music, films, designs, and philanthropy. To be limitless with creation.



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