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Interview | Questions And Answers With Lévie



Interview | Questions And Answers With Lévie
He’s intelligent, humanist and also a talented artist. I’m talking about Lévie, who answered my questions in his clear and precise way. Today you can easily learn many things about him through this fascinating interview.

1 – Who inspired you to become an artist?

I think at the very start it was Switchfoot. I’ve always been a major fan of Jon Foreman’s writing style and how engaging he can be with his lyrics. ‘The Beautiful Letdown’ was the first album I ever bought with my own money for myself. They’ve always used their music to make such a positive impact in the world, I hope mine can do the same for others, that’s really why I even make music.

2 – Do you have a natural talent to sing?

Singing was always part of my family. Everyone would always sing on my dad’s side, but I kinda always hated my voice growing up. That’s what made me always work so hard to become a better singer, and today I am really comfortable with my voice. Singing is a craft just like any other and as much as people can have raw talent, you can destroy your voice if you don’t use it the right way. And when you really learn how to use your voice as an instrument it really opens up a whole new world artistically.

3 – Why and when did you open your YouTube channel? Do you think people have reacted positively to your videos?

I actually have been singing on YouTube since freshman year of high school. I feel like YouTube gave everyone a platform to share their art. I have gotten a lot of great feedback. I have this friend who constantly snaps me videos of her singing along to my covers and mashups and that really just brightens up my day.

4 – How many days did it take you to write the lyrics of your debut single “Paralyzed”?

The song actually came together all in one night. I think it was 4 a.m. and I couldn’t fall asleep. I maybe changed a few things here and there throughout the production process but it has been pretty much the same as when I first started singing it in my room that night.

5 – Is this song based on a real life experience?

Yes, but not a specific event. Every song I write is a sum of everything that has been happening in my life so it’s always very layered. Some of that was based on a relationship, other parts were based on my spiritual walk at the time and all the things I felt I was doing wrong. When I write I am just trying to let all of that out and it’s never just one thing that I’m talking about.

levie singer
6 – Is there a type of music you would not sing?

I don’t think there’s a type of music I wouldn’t sing because I’m always trying new things musically. I mean I started out in choir with classical music, I’ve tried everything from musical theater and rap (yes, rap but was pretty bad so no one will prob hear it).

7 – What songs are you listening to on repeat these days?

“Love Less” by R.Lum.R (he’s a friend and I’ve always looked up to him a lot. He’s doing big things in Nashville!)

8 –What are your main goals as an artist for 2017?

This year I am releasing a lot of the material I’ve been saving up. My goal is to really be consistent with the music I am putting out. Quality over quantity but I am definitely trying to make as much good music as I can so I can share with you guys.

9 – How do you promote your music?

Every way I can think of. I’ve been focusing on my Instagram a lot lately, mainly because that is my favorite social network, so I would say through social media mostly but I try to do as many open mics and live performances as I can. That is to me the best way to share your music with someone. I just love performing my songs for people.

10 – What’s the best advice you’ve received from another artist?

If a music isn’t the only thing you can do with your life – if you have a plan b – go do that because it’s hard, almost impossible making it in the industry. Now if music is all you have then do it and don’t look back.



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