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Interview | Questions & Answers With LMBRJCK



Interview | Questions & Answers With LMBRJCK

You gotta check out this 25-year-old producer’s music, who goes by the name of LMBRJCK and resides in Dallas and Chicago. For the very first time, he opened up about his career as an artist, and also shared with us his accurate opinion. An EP filled with a Lo-fi Hip-Hop/Chillout sound is in the final stages and should be dropping soon. If you would like to know more about him, please continue reading below.

1 – How has your music style evolved in the last years? 

My music style has shifted from the more club oriented House/Dubstep/Electronica EDM and more into the realms of Chillout, Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, Triphop and a bit of Trap. It’s a nice change of pace and I feel like it suits me as an artist more with the way I think and the way my workflow goes. I love finding that perfect sample to flip.

2 – Who’s an artist you’ve been listening to lately and believe in?

Oh boy, this is a tough one. I guess it would have to be artists… On my most played would be Wu-Tang Clan, Aesop Rock, and Run The Jewels. I’m a big fan of older Hip-Hop as well which definitely shaped my tastes and my style. Certain artists definitely influenced me like J Dilla, Nujabes and MF Doom. But in all honesty, I probably wouldn’t be producing as much or even working on this EP if it wasn’t for the artist bsd.u and his late night bumps mixes. He’s absolutely killing it.

3 – How do you feel about the current EDM scene?

I feel like it is in an interesting state. Let us take your average show, you’re going to have people who just showed up to have a good time and don’t particularly care what is playing as much as they care about the vibes and energy. You’re going to have the die-hard fans who are there for the artist and then you have everything else in-between. Some of those people butt heads and throw shade at others and kind of shake up the simple concept of the scene: Let’s get together and jam out to some good music.

4 – Do you live in two different cities? How is that possible?

Chicago is my stomping ground and where I started producing, I’ve got a place down in Dallas as well that I recently moved into. I bounce back and forth as needed or desired. One major perk is it doubles the number of interesting events I can attend and music scenes I can check out.

LMBRJCK interview
5 – What do you want your fans to experience most from your upcoming EP? What’s its title?

The upcoming EP is titled “Chops vol. 1”. Yep, a lumberjack pun. However given the nature of chopping up samples and the wordplay of “hey he’s got chops” I figured it was aptly named. What I want my fans to experience most is hitting play or dropping the needle and then wondering where the time went as they just grooved out through the entire album without realizing it and then replaying it again. I guess also that feeling of nostalgia and comfort that the samples and styles of music bring out… especially since it has a theme with it. A lot of subtle nuances that lead each track into the next and the listener on a nice groove.

6 – When will it be released? Have you already uploaded a track from this EP on the Internet?

It has no official release date as I’m currently working with my sound engineer to get it properly mastered. So what is available on the internet is kind of like taking a taste of something before you bake it. You want to make sure its good but of course it isn’t ready to eat yet. I would expect it to be out by the end of June however. There are several tracks off of Chops Vol. 1 on my SoundCloud.

7 – If you had to pick one song of yours to get a new listener introduced to your sound, What tune would you pick? Why?

You’re asking the tough ones! I suppose it would be a three-way split between “Laced”, “Mapping Farewells”, and “Only Half Burnt”. As for why each tune represents some of the different emotions of the EP. “Laced” is goofy and very groovy, “Mapping Farewells” is melancholy yet chill, and “Only Half Burnt” is vibrant, upbeat and has some great samples.

8 – What would you like to happen in your music career that hasn’t happened yet?

I’d like for my music to reach out to more listeners and to keep growing exponentially. When the EP drops it is going to be a free digital download with a very small run of vinyls pressed to be given out through various methods in the future. I’m in the scene to make tunes, anything else that comes with that is just icing on the cake.

9 – What platforms do you use to share your music with the world?

I primarily will be using SoundCloud. Eventually, when I get around to it, I imagine other outlets like ReverbNation and Bandcamp will also be used. I’m still wrapping my head around Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so those might be a minute until they’re up to snuff. What can I say? I’d rather work on a beat then sit around and tweet!

10 – What do you enjoy doing for a hobby besides making music?

Going on hunts for new obscure vinyl to sample, graphic design, tech and gadget tinkering and of course like every mid 20’s guy, gaming. In a way though they all kind of eventually turn into making music. For example, hear a cool sound byte off of a game you’re playing on a raspberry pi emulator, realize it matches up well with an album you just finished slicing samples out of and suddenly you’re back to making music!

Thank you kindly for this opportunity to share my music and myself, it’s been a blast.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


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