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Interview | Questions & Answers With LOSH



Interview | Questions & Answers With LOSH
The Venezuela-born DJ & Producer LOSH has much to say about his life and music career in Philadelphia. However, what really got me hooked is the newest dance single “One More Chance”, featuring the super-catchy vocals from Bodhi Jones. I swear I’ve been listening to it on repeat.

1 – First of all, welcome to Electro Wow LOSH & tell us about your main musical influences.

Hello, Thanks. My musical influence comes from my grandmother who, since I was very young introduced me to several instruments like the guitar, piano, and violin. I only stuck with guitar and piano, but my first steps come from my abuela.

2 – When exactly did you start your journey as an artist?

My journey as LOSH began in November 2015, with the idea of making Tropical House, but then transformed slowly into what it is today. A little more energetic and groovy.

3 – Did you leave Venezuela to pursue your music career goals?

No, I didn’t, in fact, I left Venezuela to study Marketing, Finance in the United States and graduate college.

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4 – What is clubbing life like in Philadelphia vs. Venezuela?

It is very different, in Venezuela, most clubs are an open format and play a big variety of music from Reggaeton to House to Salsa. Here in Philadelphia and in the United States, in general, you see that clubs are more focused to one same genre in one night, so at the end, the performer is the one that attracts most people depending on what they are playing that night. I would say the club scene is more filtered and refined here, even though I do love playing at clubs back in my country.

5 – The background melody of your new single “One More Chance” sounds like a nod to the classic single from ATB. Have you always been a fan of this record?

Yeah, I have always thought that the lead melody on this record is very catchy and with “One More Chance” I kind of wanted to give it a twist and try it in a different genre.

6 – How would you describe your working experience with vocalist Bodhi Jones on the track?

Working with Bodhi Jones was great, the workflow was flawless and we were both on the same page as how we wanted the track to sound.

7 – Are the lyrics of “One More Chance” based on a personal experience?

I wouldn’t say an experience, it is more like a complicated story. But yes, it is very direct how it is asking someone to give a second chance, someone special.

8 – And finally, what can we expect to see next from you out of the studio?

Well, at the moment I am working on several projects. But soon you will be able to listen to my new tracks. I have some singles coming, collaboration with Grammy nominee MING, another collab with RICCI from Brazil, and many other interesting things that I have been working on. I am very excited to show all of this to you.



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